Introducing Starter Kit and Email Onboarding.

Introducing Starter Kits & Email Onboarding ✉️ Cometh’s ambition is to gamify DeFi and make it accessible to everyone. To easily onboard new players, we’ve added the ability to play with just an email and starter kits, with spaceships ready to play, directly on Polygon’s L2. The 1-click play experience To eliminate the tedious step … Read more

Doki and Azuki flying in the Cometh Galaxy ⚗️

Excited to launch the Lunarella collection with DokiDoki in a Cometh-branded DeGacha. This collaboration pushes one step further the limits of cross interactions between NFT projects on Polygon. TLDR; DokiDoki spaceships and collectibles to be minted as NFTs and redeemable via a DeGacha, a Decentralized Gachapon Machine on Polygon, built by DokiDoki & Cometh teams. DeGacha Spin … Read more

Yield Farming from BSC to ComethSwap in 3 simple steps ☄️

Already using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but want to diversify your farming strategies? Leverage ComethSwap on Polygon L2 to get the best APYs in DeFi by following these 3 simple steps: From BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to ComethSwap Transfer funds from BSC to Polygon using Set up your Metamask RPC on the Polygon Chain Farm triple … Read more

Cometh Adds New Mining Mechanism to Spaceships

Cometh has launched a new mechanism to their mining game, which allows rover robots to start mining on radioactive meteors. Spaceships themselves can’t mine from these special meteors, and therefore they depend on the Machinery attribute to drop a mining rover on the asteroid. Players can only place these mining rovers on radioactive meteors. Players … Read more