Gaming Giant Ubisoft Becomes a Tezos Baker

French game publisher Ubisoft has partnered with Tezos, becoming an official corporate validator node on its blockchain. Nomadic Labs, a research and development team within the Tezos ecosystem, announced the partnership via Twitter.  🎮@Ubisoft is exploring #Tezos technology by becoming a corporate baker. 👋 Welcome to the ecosystem!Read the announcement: #DigitalTransformation #crypto #Ubisoft … Read more

The Average NFT Price Has Declined 70% Since Last Month. What’s Happening?

All markets tend to behave cyclically, without exception. And the NFT market seems to be proving this theory. From pixelated paintings and tokenized tweets to true masterpieces that take years of hard work to complete, it seems that the hype for NFTs is fading away after a significant initial hype. Data from shows that … Read more

These Musicians Are Embracing NFTs in Very Different and Clever Ways

The music scene is quickly becoming more and more entwined with NFTs, as more artists turn to digital tokens as a way to expand their creative horizons or experiment with new ways to profit from their work. Some talented artists like DJ 3LAU explored selling albums in the form of NFTs and found success. Others … Read more

A Decentralized Future Starts With Blockchain Games

@l3L3 Everything through the lens of a liberal The implosion of GameStop stock on Wall Street and the riveting story of amateur investors going against billionaire traders has by now reached many corners of the Internet. Since then, endless articles and memes have been churned in response to this spectacle. Here, we see the transformational … Read more