Alien Worlds Missions Reward NFTs and TLM Tokens

Alien Worlds players will need to lease spaceships to go on missions and earn rewards paid in TLM tokens and NFTs. The developers revealed these first details of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance Missions in a blog post. However, the launch date is still clouded in mystery. When the Planet Binance Missions launch, players … Read more

Sneak Preview: Planet Binance Missions Game

Alien Worlds Just now·4 min read The Federation is excited to announce the emergence of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance Missions game within Alien Worlds. Now, Explorers will be able to lease their own Spaceships to go on Missions throughout the Metaverse. Explorers can find a preview of the Planet Binance Missions below, including: … Read more

The Big Bang of NFTs Competition

We’re excited to announce the #BigBangNFT Competition! Starting April 30th we will be calling all artists, creators, and the whole BSC community to submit your most creative ideas for the chance to have your artwork immortalized in history and minted on the Refinable marketplace. Additionally, there will also be unique NFTs, $FINE tokens, and $BNB … Read more

DungeonSwap To Gamify DeFi with Table Top RPG

DungeonSwap is next level gamification of finance, as it wants to combine table-top role playing games with DeFi, or decentralized finance. Yes, you earn DND tokens (no joke) and NFTs will help you along the way to take on quests. However, for now it’s a geeky themed DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. I … Read more

Binance Is Launching NFT Trading Platform in June

Crypto exchange Binance has announced plans to launch a new marketplace for creating and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform will offer both a premium place for high-end auctions and a standard trading market for any user to mint tokens.  Supporting Ethereum and BSC The largest cryptocurrency exchange is the next in line to step … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Postponed

The world building game My Neighbor Alice originally had a land sale planned this week, but these plans have been postponed. The developers are simply not ready yet and want to make sure that their smart contract are well audited. First there will be two weeks of staking ALICE tokens, which earns users raffle tokens. … Read more

How to Transfer TLM from Wax to BSC

Starting from today Alien Worlds will allow players to move their earned TLM tokens from the Wax blockchain to BSC, or Binance Smart Chain. At their destination, the tokens can be traded, used for purchases or DeFi-oriented actions. But how do you get your TLM from Wax to BSC? A couple of years ago it … Read more

How to Buy Land for My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is an upcoming social building game on the Binance Smart Chain, in which players can buy actual pieces of the virtual land. However, not everybody can just get land for this game, and potential land investors will need to dive a bit into decentralized finance (DeFi) to get their hands on some … Read more

Planet Binance Integrated into Alien Worlds

Not only will users of Binance be able to earn Trilium through staking, the exchange will also have its own planet inside Alien Worlds. Planet Binance will be a gas planet, so nobody can own land there. Instead the planets accrues Trilium by claiming a share of the mining rewards, which will then be used … Read more

Alien Worlds Builds Teleports to Binance Smart Chain

Alien Worlds has announced the ability to transfer their native TLM token and the in-game NFTs from the Wax blockchain to Binance Smart Chain. Using a new functionality called Teleport gamers can deploy their Trilium onto Binance Smart Chain, and to Ethereum. They announced the Teleport functionality this Monday. For now Metamask is the best … Read more