My NFT Portfolio Sneak Peak – NFT Tutorials EPI 11

Posted On October 19, 2020 I’ll go through some of the assets in my portfolio and my investment mindset behind buying. I’m quite conservative and make sure there’s some serious things checked off. Eg, – Established team– Stable Growth of the product users– User base are constantly happy– Hype doesn’t die off– Project continues to … Read more

Investment and Negotiating Strategies. How to Make Moves – NFT Tutorials EPI 10

Posted On October 19, 2020 Let’s explore different strategies when investing in NFTs. This is not investment advice, I have NO clue how the future will pan out, I’m just going to highlight some strategies that have worked for me. Investing in the token. This is easy, I usually buy a good chunk of the … Read more

Top NFT Projects for the Last 2-3 Years – NFT Tutorials EPI 9

Posted On October 19, 2020 What are the top projects in the NFT space? Let’s find out and dive a little deeper with explanations. These are ‘top’ or ‘best’ NFT projects because they’ve lasted the test of time. Constantly selling NFTs for more than 1-2 years meaning they’ve been able to stay relevant not fizzle … Read more

What can you do with your NFTs? – NFT Tutorials EPI 7

Posted On October 19, 2020 Alright, we’ve talked ‘collectibility’, Let’s talk ‘utility’. People don’t only collect NFT’s just to collect. NFTs are tokens that live on blockchain and are accessible via your digital wallet. You can access websites that are web3 compatible to USE your NFT. So say you’ve sold Tickets as NFTs to your … Read more