Warner Music Artists to Join Metaverse Through Genies

Warner Music Group has signed a partnership with avatar platform Genies to create avatars on the Flow blockchain based on their artists. In addition fans can expect digital wearables based on their favorite artists, which users can acquire starting this Summer from the newly announced Genies NFT Marketplace. Akash Nigam, the CEO of Genies, called … Read more

Genesis Plaza relaunched

At the heart of Decentraland, Genesis Plaza was always meant to be an experience that welcomed users to the metaverse, providing a stepping off point for the rest of the virtual world. The Decentraland Foundation development team has been steadily making improvements to the Plaza to ensure that when users arrive in Decentraland they know … Read more

Infinite Fleet Adding Mechs As Unit Class

Pixelmatic is going to add mechs to Infinity Fleet as a unit class, bring more dynamic and strategic combat to the battlefield. These mechs benefit the real-time strategy gameplay of Infinite Fleet. In addition certain ships will have weak points on for example their backside or their bottom, promoting flanking and tactical maneuvering during combat. … Read more

Axie Infinity Initiated The Great Axie Migration to Ronin

Sky Mavis is ready for the Great Axie Migration as gamers can now move their Axie Infinity characters from the Ethereum blockchain to the Ronin sidechain. From now on breeding, buying and selling Axies is now only possible on Ronin. Breeding fees have now been set at 1 AXS, instead of the old 0.005 ETH. … Read more

R-Planet Second Land Sale Only for Active Players

The space exploration game R-Planet will have its second land sale on Thursday April 29th, which consists of 5,000 plots in the BoarVallis region. Only players who’ve been playing the game, crafting items and inventing materials will have the ability to join the sale. Again R-Planet for use a whitelist for the land sale, and … Read more

Spells of Genesis Waves Book of Orbs Goodbye

The action puzzle card game Spells of Genesis will no longer use Book of Orbs, as the developers at EverdreamSoft will discontinue the service. Gamers who still play the game, will need to use alternatives in order to store and share their collectibles. Books of Orbs will go offline on May 31st. Back in the … Read more

Sega to Sell NFTs with Double Jump Tokyo

Iconic Japanese gaming company Sega has announced a collaboration with game studio Double Jump Tokyo to start selling NFTs in the summer of 2021. They will sell NFTs based on Sega’s iconic intellectual property, which includes Sonic The Hedgehog and Crazy Taxi. In the future they will also consider modern and upcoming brands as an … Read more

Mirandus Shows Growing Forest As Blueprint for Dynamic Life

Alongside a revamped product website for Mirandus, Gala Games has showcased a forest growing demo built in Unity. It’s a very based introduction into how dynamic life in Mirandus will be. According to the accompanying blog post, they will apply similar rules to wild life and other living systems in the Mirandus ecosystem. This forest … Read more

Decentral Games Brings Club Amnesia Ibiza to Metaverse

Decentral Games is expanding its efforts from casino gaming to night clubs as it announced a partnership with Amnesia Ibiza. A virtual version of the club with come to Decentraland, offering dance music on the virtual dance floor. They plan to open the club in the metaverse in June this year. Amnesia Ibiza is one … Read more