Pride Parade 2021

If there’s one thing Decentraland isn’t short on, it’s diversity. Which is why Pride Month is such a special time in the metaverse. To celebrate, the community is throwing a major bash, featuring talks, wearable giveaways, and an almighty parade with floats, (lots of) balloons and plenty of opportunities to express yourself. Show your Pride … Read more

Sotheby’s opens a virtual gallery in Decentraland

Sotheby’s has claimed its stake in the metaverse with the opening of its first-ever virtual galleries; choosing Decentraland as the destination. Occupying a prime location in Decentraland’s Voltaire Art District, the building is a replica of the auction house’s iconic New Bond Street Galleries in London. The structure features all five ground level gallery spaces … Read more

Introducing the Wearables Editor

Always wanted to create your own fashion house in the metaverse? Fancy yourself as a Ver(tual)sace, ArMANA-i or… well anyway, your dreams just took a huge step forward. With the arrival of the Wearables Editor, you can now organize, publish, and mint wearables for the community to purchase and flaunt throughout Decentraland. Better still, the … Read more

Introducing the New Decentraland DAO

The Decentraland Foundation has just released a new implementation of the DAO which is more affordable, accessible, and useful for all members of the metaverse. MANA and LAND holders can start creating and voting on new proposals right away at To learn the ins and outs of the new DAO, check out the docs. … Read more