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Have you got something that may be of interest to the NFT community?

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Helpful guidelines for guest posts

  • Before writing the article please let us know your ideas.
  • Only original articles are accepted. No previously published articles, including your own site.
  • As you may guess the content must be NFT related.
  • The article should contain at least 500 words, and be interesting.
  • Readers should come away with new information and insights.
  • Use headings, sub-headings, and short paragraphs for a better reader experience.
  • The article must be accompanied by high quality images, and we also encourage the use of video.
  • Back up your opinions and ideas with links to at least 3 external sources.
  • Any image or video that is used must be accompanied by a source citation and it is the authors responsibility to obtain permission for the use of images and video.
  • Please DO NOT send us press releases or sales pitching articles. For such articles use our contact form page.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article for error correction or general improvement, but we will clear the final draft with you.
  • Your final draft should contain a short bio which includes a link to your website homepage and an avatar or image 150×150.

Terms of use

  • When you have submitted an article for publication, you are consenting to NFT News Today publishing the article with any edits we regard as necessary.
  • You will not claim for payment, nor can you claim copy right infringement at any point in the future.
  • At the point of publication the article becomes our property. Therefore if you wish to republish the article there must acknowledge this with a backlink to the original publication.


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