Introducing Sorare National Team Cards

Sorare Jun 14 · 2 min read We’re honoured to share this little bit of history with you! The first National Team cards ever have just landed in Sorare. Introducing, the world champions, a golden generation, les Bleus, welcome La France! Before you go scouting the market in the incoming blue waves, here are all … Read more

The Rewards of Mining: Trilium and NFT Cards

Alien Worlds Just now·5 min read More than 2.1 million Explorers have become Miners in the Metaverse since December 22, 2020. Rewards One thing that miners have in common is their love for mining Trilium and NFTs. Rewards: Trilium Trilium (token symbol TLM) is the Alien Worlds in-game currency, designed to incentivise Explorers to play … Read more

Get to Know the Planets of the Alien Worlds Metaverse

Get to Know the Planets of the Alien Worlds Metaverse Alien Worlds Just now·4 min read There are six Planets in the Alien Worlds Metaverse for which Explorers, who have registered as Candidates, will compete for leadership positions as Planetary Councilors. In most cases, Candidates are individuals, but in some cases, they are Explorer Communities, … Read more

NFT Digest — June 11, 2021

Weekly NFT updates from LegendsofCrypto(LOCGame)! LOCGame Just now·3 min read International Olympic Committee to Launch Official NFT Pins for Upcoming Games The NGO that organizes the Summer and Winter Olympic Games known as The International Olympic Committee (IOC), and videogame developer nWay announced the future launch of a collection of NFTs representing Olympic pins. Binance … Read more


There’s a question that comes up often: How did you know? How did you know before anyone else that digital fashion would accelerate to redefine what fashion can be?  The straight up answer is we didn’t know. Certainty doesn’t come into when there’s no template to follow and nothing to base your business hypothesis on. … Read more

Jambo Network and Darwinia form a strategic partnership to develop traffic value services

We are pleased to announce that Jambo Network and Darwinia Network have signed a strategic partnership. The two parties will jointly explore solutions for heterogeneous cross-chain interactions and introduce more public chain assets such as Ethereum and BSC into the Polkadot ecosystem. Jambo Network realizes the value of interoperability between different advertising chains through Polkadot’s … Read more

The Dawning has arrived!

Dawning is the name of the fourth Evolution Land Continent based on the HECO Chain, and will be officially launched on June 9! Evolution Land will take advantage of Heco’s high throughput, low gas fees, and seamless compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts to create the first ever blockchain game on Heco! it will be home to … Read more