Gods Unchained Marketplace Now Free to Use

Immutable has minted 1.5 million NFTs and launched the Gods Unchained marketplace on their layer-2 solution Immutable X. Gamers and collectors can now trade Gods Unchained trading cards without having to worry about gas fees. More products and functionalities will be added in the months to come. Immutable X uses so-called zk-rollups, which is a … Read more

Doctor Who Marketplace Live on Ethereum Sidechain

Reality Gaming Group has launched their private Ethereum sidechain dedicated to serving the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and its marketplace. They introduced a sidechain in order to circumvent the gas fee problems on the Ethereum mainnet. However, players are allowed to transfer and mint their Doctor Who: Worlds Apart NFTs onto the … Read more

Sorare Fantasy Football Introduced Rookie Cards

From now on every new football player under 21 will have their first card labeled as a rookie card in the fantasy football game Sorare. Collectors can easily spot whether they are dealing with a rookie card, because there’s an RC symbol in the bottom left corner. According to Sorare this was a much requested … Read more

Synergy of Serra Announces Alpha Fame Rewards

The upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra now allows users to deposit their unopened crates and start earning Alpha Fame from April 4th onwards. Every week 10 million Alpha Fame will be distributed to all those who are staking their crates, and these tokens aren’t tradeable. Game studio Calystral announced their alpha supporter reward … Read more