How to Transfer TLM from Wax to BSC

Starting from today Alien Worlds will allow players to move their earned TLM tokens from the Wax blockchain to BSC, or Binance Smart Chain. At their destination, the tokens can be traded, used for purchases or DeFi-oriented actions. But how do you get your TLM from Wax to BSC? A couple of years ago it … Read more

Alien Worlds Activity Grows 10x in One Week

There‚Äôs so much activity around the mining strategy game Alien Worlds on the Wax blockchain, that its trading volume increased ten times in just one week. According to data obtained by DappRadar the game had $2.62 million in trading volume, which was an increase of 1088% compared with the seven days before. The amount of … Read more

Alien Worlds Trilium Trading on Binance Next Week

Trilium, the native currency for the space mining and exploration game Alien Worlds, will be available for trading on Binance starting next week. Currently investors and gamers are staking more than $9 billion in BNB and BUSD to get their claim of TLM. Trading opens on Tuesday, April 13th at 6AM UTC. Currently TLM, a … Read more

Planet Binance Integrated into Alien Worlds

Not only will users of Binance be able to earn Trilium through staking, the exchange will also have its own planet inside Alien Worlds. Planet Binance will be a gas planet, so nobody can own land there. Instead the planets accrues Trilium by claiming a share of the mining rewards, which will then be used … Read more

Alien Worlds Builds Teleports to Binance Smart Chain

Alien Worlds has announced the ability to transfer their native TLM token and the in-game NFTs from the Wax blockchain to Binance Smart Chain. Using a new functionality called Teleport gamers can deploy their Trilium onto Binance Smart Chain, and to Ethereum. They announced the Teleport functionality this Monday. For now Metamask is the best … Read more