Alien Worlds to Increase NFT Rewards with New Tools

Alien Worlds will introduce 6 new tools and 43 new artifacts as mining rewards for player mining efforts on the different planets. They will introduce these new tools as a way to balance the influx of new players and the available rewards. In addition the NFT artifacts will soon have more usability with the introduction … Read more

Gamers Now Control Fleets in Infinite Fleet

Infinite Fleet, the upcoming space-based MMO, has launched their long awaited Fleets Update. Players will now be able to command up to four cruisers in addition to their Centurion-class ship. Infinite Fleets is currently in its Alpha phase. Players travel the galaxy, fight the Atrox, and gather $INF, the game currency. The token exists on … Read more

Ethermon Upgrading its 2D Battle System

While everybody is hyped about Ethermon coming to the 3D metaverse of Decentraland, the developers have upgraded the web-based 2D battle system. The 2D Battle Ladder system will full integrate automated EMON rewards. They will launch this update on June 15th. Even though the developers are ready to implement the changes, they have to wait … Read more

R-Planet Preparing for Colonization Development Phase

Players who are deep into the mining game R-Planet, will be excited to learn that the phase of Colonization has almost arrived. The generator, which allows players to combine elements to discover new ones, will soon introduce new elements. These ones will be required for colonization. Without going into too much detail, the developers posted … Read more

Animoca to Continue Work on Crypto Space Commander

Animoca Brands has signed a deal with game studio Lucid Sight that gives that an exclusive and global license to publish and further develop Crypto Space Commander, better known as CSC. This deal basically means that Animoca Brands is taking over. In the world of blockchain games, CSC is a dinosaur. This space MMO has … Read more

First Blockchain Cuties Only Available with BCUG Token

Blockchain Cuties has officially launched the first collection of Cuties, the NFT used in gameplay, that can only be purchased with the BCUG token. BCUG is an ERC-20 token available on multiple blockchains that’s going to be at the center of the Blockchain Cuties universe.  Blockchain Cuties is offering a collection of Cutie NFTs that … Read more

Hash Rush Will Use NFTs as Temporary Gameplay Boosts

The strategy game Hash Rush is currently undergoing a complete makeover, and one of the changes will be the introduction of NFT boosts. In their latest development update the team shared that players can acquire and activate boosts to specific areas of the game, for example +10% health for all units. The NFT boosts will … Read more

Ronin Boosts Axie Infinity Economy 310%

Axie Infinity has seen their NFT transaction volumes increase 310% since the Axie migration late April, and now its entire economy exists on the Ronin sidechain. In the past 30 days players have been trading Axies, land parcels and land items with a total value of more than $36 million as reported by DappRadar. At … Read more

Strategy Game Hexarchia Offers Board Game Experience

Hexarchia is a newly announced strategy game inspired by chess and other strategic board games. It offers simultaneous turn-based gameplay on a hexagonal game board. Players will fight to take other players’ warlords. The last player with their warlord wins. Players will choose a civilization and battle each other on a game board designed for … Read more

Crazy Defense Heroes Players to Share $19,000 in Tokens

Gamers who actively play the mobile tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes have a chance to earn a share of $19,000 in TOWER tokens. Animoca Brands announced a new play-to-earn event in June 2021. All players who gain 250,000 experience points next month, will share 750,000 TOWER tokens. Anybody with a smartphone can start playing … Read more