NFT Marketplace Development Relies on a Smart Contract Protocol

@atelnovaAlina Marketing Manager at As the NFT subject continues to attract more and more people around the world, we thought about how we can help you benefit from this trend. One of the best options is to create an NFT marketplace, where people can buy and sell NFTs. So we put together a complete … Read more

The Sandbox — ASSET Smart-Contract Security Update

The Sandbox — ASSET Smart-Contract Security Update This issue does not affect SAND or LAND; it affects only ASSETS. UPDATE January 16th, 2021: Migration is complete! All the ASSETS have been migrated, and trading has been re-enabled on marketplaces. The new verified ASSET smart-contract address is 0xa342f5D851E866E18ff98F351f2c6637f4478dB5 To our community, thank you for being a part of The Sandbox … Read more