Project Nebula Auctions Unique Spaceships Next Week

Starting from Monday May 7th 10:00 UTC, Project Nebula will auction unique spaceships every six hours. These unique NFTs are one-of-a-kind, and everybody can join the auction. However, the spaceships exist on the ICON blockchain and therefore bidders require an ICON Wallet. These single-copy spaceships have a strong background in the lore of Project Nebula, … Read more

Guild of Guardians NFT Sale Starts Next Week

Mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians will host their first NFT Founder Sale next week on May 26th and 8PM EST or midnight UTC. During the first presale event they will only sell Guild and Legendary Hero NFTs, which are the most expensive and most scarce NFTs during the Founder Sale. The first … Read more

Dark Country Land Sale Coming to Wax Next Week

Next week Dark Country will sell the first land parcels on the Wax blockchain. Gamers interested in buying land will need to be whitelisted. The presale takes place on May 25th through the Atomic Hub Marketplace, followed by a main sale within 14 days. The Dark Country land sale isn’t open for everybody. The first … Read more

Crazy Defense Heroes Delays TOWER Chest Sale

Crazy Defense Heroes, a blockchain game by Animoca Brands, has announced that they will be delaying their TOWER chest sale. The sale will also be broken up into multiple rounds to accommodate players in different time zones. Ethereum’s high gas prices caused the delay as Animoca was concerned about how these fees may affect the … Read more

One NFT to Use in Guild of Guardians and The Sandbox

The mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians is working with the user-generated world The Sandbox to create NFT characters that can be used in both games. Details are a bit scarce, but Joseph Madding from The Sandbox spilled the beans in a recent video. Graphically there’s quite some overlap between Guild of Guardians … Read more

Dark Country Land Sale Takes Place Next Week

Dark Country will launch their land sale on the Flow blockchain next week on Thursday May 13th. The first round of the land pre-sale will start at 3PM UTC, and a second round will start one hour after the first round. However, this will only happen if any land is left. Gamers who are interested … Read more

Ethermon Launches EMON Token Through Polkastarter

Ethermon has announced that they will launch their EMON token through a pre-sale, or initial DEX offering (IDO), on Polkastarter. On May 18th the official public launch of the EMON token will take place, and the price has been set to $0,10 per token. Gamers who want to buy the EMON token during the pre-sale, … Read more

Guild of Guardians Shares Details on NFT Founder Sale

When Immutable and Stepico launch the NFT Founder Sale for their mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians, there will be a couple of items: Guilds, Heroes, Pets & Energy Boosters. Each of these NFTs has a different purpose in the game. The Founder Sale will take place soon, but no date has been … Read more

Guild of Guardians Founder Sale in Two Weeks

Stepico and Immutable have announced that their Founder Sale for the upcoming mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians will happen in the next two weeks. The exclusive NFTs come with Gems, while early backers get a discount on their purchase and an NFT with a low serial number. Gamers who join in on … Read more

Farsite Airdrops Campaign Ahead of Crates Pre-Sale

As the space adventure game Farsite is ramping up for its upcoming crates pre-sale, they’ve launched an airdrops campaign where everybody can earn spaceship parts. Gamers who apply now, get a starter spacecraft. They can then upgrade the spacecraft through social challenges, content creation and inviting their friends. This social promotion campaign is a big … Read more