Aavegotchi Unveils Their Plans for Gotchiverse

Aavegotchi has published a litepaper, revealing their plans for a virtual world called the Gotchiverse. This will become a virtual world where DeFi, yield farming and NFTs collide into a mix that would only be possible using blockchain technology. Aavegotchi is already a working product on the Polygon blockchain. These Aavegotchi characters are basically pixelated … Read more

Synergy of Serra Shows Up in Steam Store

The trading card game Synergy of Serra now has its own page in the Steam Store, allowing gamers to wishlist the game ahead of its release. Ultimately the game will be free-to-play, but you can already acquire chests with playing cards through the official website. At the moment the Steam page doesn’t show any gameplay, … Read more

Cheap Cometh Spaceship NFTs As Start into $150,000 Tournament

Yield farming game Cometh on the Polygon blockchain has introduced $10 M.U.L.E. spaceships, alongside a $150,000 competitive tournament. The cheap spaceship serve as an introduction into the game, and players also receive a bit of MUST. These new recruits can join regular $1,000 Cometh playground mining battles. Using a M.U.L.E. spaceship gamers can battle for … Read more

Stella Artois Jumps into Zed Run Horse Racing

In a surprise move Stella Artois is the latest company to move into the metaverse, as the Belgian beer brand now sponsors the horse racing game Zed Run. Stella Artois will have a limited edition NFT series in the Zed Run game, in celebration of the British horse racing season. Zed Run players will be … Read more

Ethermon Upgrading its 2D Battle System

While everybody is hyped about Ethermon coming to the 3D metaverse of Decentraland, the developers have upgraded the web-based 2D battle system. The 2D Battle Ladder system will full integrate automated EMON rewards. They will launch this update on June 15th. Even though the developers are ready to implement the changes, they have to wait … Read more

Cometh Refines Tube NFT Farming

The space mining game Cometh has brought staking MUST tokens and NFT farming to the Polygon blockchain. The v2 update now completely exists on the Polygon blockchain, which means it’s almost free to use. Above everything, the function is accessible to everybody. Cometh already offered NFT farming on Ethereum, but that feature was a bit … Read more

Strategy Game Hexarchia Offers Board Game Experience

Hexarchia is a newly announced strategy game inspired by chess and other strategic board games. It offers simultaneous turn-based gameplay on a hexagonal game board. Players will fight to take other players’ warlords. The last player with their warlord wins. Players will choose a civilization and battle each other on a game board designed for … Read more

Brave Frontier Heroes Now Rewards MCHC Tokens

Brave Frontier Heroes is now rewarding players with MCHC, the native token currently used for the partner game My Crypto Heroes. This token can be used throughout the game, but can also be transferred out. Additionally, new tournaments and contests will be announced that allow players to earn more. Players will earn MCHC during normal … Read more

Farsite Gearing Up for Limited Crates Launch

This Monday the DeFi-powered space MMO Farsite will have a limited crates sale, as they need to prepare an initial distribution of resources before the game launches. Supernovae will launch an early alpha version of the game by the end of the year. The developers use the limited crates sale for Farsite to distribute items … Read more

Despite Troubles Ember Sword Sale Sold Out

The first 12,000 plots in Solarwood, one of the nations in Ember Sword, sold out despite lots of server and blockchain troubles. At the peak of the sale, Bright Star Studios sold 5,000 lands in half an hour. The servers, third-party services and remote procedure call (RPC) protocol couldn’t keep up with the traffic, causing … Read more