Gamers Now Control Fleets in Infinite Fleet

Infinite Fleet, the upcoming space-based MMO, has launched their long awaited Fleets Update. Players will now be able to command up to four cruisers in addition to their Centurion-class ship. Infinite Fleets is currently in its Alpha phase. Players travel the galaxy, fight the Atrox, and gather $INF, the game currency. The token exists on … Read more

Ethermon Upgrading its 2D Battle System

While everybody is hyped about Ethermon coming to the 3D metaverse of Decentraland, the developers have upgraded the web-based 2D battle system. The 2D Battle Ladder system will full integrate automated EMON rewards. They will launch this update on June 15th. Even though the developers are ready to implement the changes, they have to wait … Read more

Space Misfits Soon Adding Rogue-like Gameplay

The developers of Space Misfits will drop a big update this month in which they will introduce rogue-like gameplay, procedurally generated levels and an NFT drop mechanism. They labelled the update as the Rogue Release, and it will be in testing until at least September. For those who are unfamiliar with the term rogue-like, this … Read more

Animoca to Continue Work on Crypto Space Commander

Animoca Brands has signed a deal with game studio Lucid Sight that gives that an exclusive and global license to publish and further develop Crypto Space Commander, better known as CSC. This deal basically means that Animoca Brands is taking over. In the world of blockchain games, CSC is a dinosaur. This space MMO has … Read more

Alterverse Launches Play-to-Earn NFT Quest

The blockchain-powered online action game Alterverse has launched a play-to-earn initiative during which the first 100 players to complete the Hero’s Quest will receive an exclusive NFT. There are 20 complete sets of five pieces, and the first 100 players to complete the quest will either receive the helmet, armor, plasma hammer, shield or uniform. … Read more

Silver Ticket Rewards added to Ethermon

Ethermon has announced the addition of persistent rewards to their Decentraland gameplay as players can now find a silver ticket. Players can find these tickets by for example defeating slimes. Another option would be to ask their Mon to dig at an Ethermon Grass Meta location in Decentraland. These Silver Tickets don’t represent direct value … Read more

Strategy Game Hexarchia Offers Board Game Experience

Hexarchia is a newly announced strategy game inspired by chess and other strategic board games. It offers simultaneous turn-based gameplay on a hexagonal game board. Players will fight to take other players’ warlords. The last player with their warlord wins. Players will choose a civilization and battle each other on a game board designed for … Read more

Boost R-Planet Lands to Own Plots in The Uplift World

Owners of so-called Swineland R-planet land plots can now boost them and receive a linked plot in the The Uplift World. R-Planet users do need to spend 5 million AETHER tokens on this though. The collaboration between the two projects is possible, because they both exist on the Wax blockchain. R-planet, a popular, staking and … Read more

Brave Frontier Heroes Now Rewards MCHC Tokens

Brave Frontier Heroes is now rewarding players with MCHC, the native token currently used for the partner game My Crypto Heroes. This token can be used throughout the game, but can also be transferred out. Additionally, new tournaments and contests will be announced that allow players to earn more. Players will earn MCHC during normal … Read more

10 Play-to-Earn Games To Follow in June 2021

What are the play-to-earn games to focus on this June? Two years ago there were a handful of development groups actively creating blockchain-powered games, but now there are all kinds of play-to-earn games to follow. To help you filter through the noise, we’ll help you focus a bit. From this point forward we will publish … Read more