MegaCryptoPolis Partners with Rarible to Decorate World

City building game MegaCryptoPolis has partnered with NFT marketplace Rarible to allow players to decorate their custom building interiors and storefronts with NFTs in their upcoming MegaWorld expansion. The integration of Rarible NFTs will mean more customization options for home owners in the city building game. MegaCryptoPolis has been working towards creating a more interactive … Read more

Hoard NFT Marketplace: Trade, Buy, Sell, Loan & Rent NFTs

Established in 2018, Hoard NFT Exchange is an early mover in the NFT space. It first focused on building a blockchain-powered platform where community members can contribute to its development and governance using the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model As a primary blockchain project offering players True Ownership, and also implementing Ethereum and Plasma, Hoard … Read more

Property Development arrives in Upland

Upland, the property ownership and development game, has announced the first phase of their Property Development. They named it Bellini I. Players will be able to utilize a new currency, called Spark, to construct a variety of structures on their properties. This initial release includes on a subset of models for construction. Eventually players can … Read more

Splinterlands Sold Out All Land on First Continent

Less than 12 hours after tweeting that there are 7,000 land plots left, Splinterlands sold out all 150,000 land plots on the continent of Praetoria. The last land plots were selling for $20 per plot, even though earlier pre-sales offered land with a 50%, 40% and 30% discount. The first wave of land parcels for … Read more

First Blockchain Cuties Only Available with BCUG Token

Blockchain Cuties has officially launched the first collection of Cuties, the NFT used in gameplay, that can only be purchased with the BCUG token. BCUG is an ERC-20 token available on multiple blockchains that’s going to be at the center of the Blockchain Cuties universe.  Blockchain Cuties is offering a collection of Cutie NFTs that … Read more

Cybernetics Packs Coming to Doctor Who on Thursday

Reality Gaming Group has announced the release of Cybernetics Packs coming to the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. These packs still contain the same cards, but with a different frame. The Cybernetics Packs offers three new frames, and therefore a new opportunity to get a card with a low serial number. The new … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Brings Characters to The Sandbox

My Neighbor Alice has partnered with The Sandbox to bring some of their game characters into the voxel universe. Initially three characters will move into The Sandbox, including of course Alice herself. In the future the developers of Antler Interactive would consider giving more characters a similar treatment. Alice will be a legendary character of … Read more

HodlGod Dropping More Toy Collectibles on June 10th

Game studio Onessus will sell another series of NFT toy collectibles for their competitive play-to-earn battle game HodlGod on Thursday, June 10th. Gamers who have 10 million VOID tokens in their wallet, will get early access to this sale. These NFT toy collectibles for HodlGod will offer two dragons eggs, 2 Immortal armor sets and … Read more

Alterverse Launches Play-to-Earn NFT Quest

The blockchain-powered online action game Alterverse has launched a play-to-earn initiative during which the first 100 players to complete the Hero’s Quest will receive an exclusive NFT. There are 20 complete sets of five pieces, and the first 100 players to complete the quest will either receive the helmet, armor, plasma hammer, shield or uniform. … Read more

Introducing Spores Network: The Full-Stack NFT-DeFi Platform

Spores is a new full stack NFT and DeFi platform for creative industries that empowers creators to develop, share, and convey their life’s work is here. Consolidated as Asia’s leading NFT Marketplace supporting De-Fi and Interoperability Tools. Spores came to life as a natural response to the growing digital “metaverse” that is already changing the … Read more