NFTmall X Ferrum Staking Details

NFTmall Just now·5 min read NFTmall x Ferrum Partnership Overview NFTmall has officially finalized an exciting partnership with the Ferrum Network. What makes this collaboration extremely appealing to the NFTmall(GEM) user base? It’s simple, $GEM holders can generate a passive income and will now have staking capabilities. Ferrum’s revolutionary technology brings our networks together, for … Read more

Artist Series Week #9

MEME presents Artist Series Week #9, with a new artist featuring a spiritual twist and a familiar one who’s back for a re-drop! Mafriends | Ancient Entities | 6/8 REMO | The Crypto Age: Heroes and Villains | 6/10 Mafriends Mafriends is an art collective from Brazil created by lucasgabd and Daniel Gnattali. Art transformed our lives entirely … Read more

FM Gallery Drops Latest Blind Box at 10am UTC +8 on June 5

FM Gallery News Jun 4 · 4 min read Today, FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks, announced its latest drop of a new series of blind boxes. The series will be open for exclusive limited sale to world’s art collectors on June 5, 2021. The official drop is scheduled to launch at … Read more

FM Gallery Partners with TopBidder, Empower the Value of Crypto Art

FM Gallery News Jun 4 · 2 min read FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks and fashion toys, announces its strategic partnership with Topbidder, a radical auction protocol for NFTs. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of technology, product, market and community and aim to bring crypto … Read more

Artist Series Week #8

We’re happy to announce that we have two very talented artists making their way to the MEME platform this week! Lucas Guzman | 🎮 MEME Game 👾| 6/2 James McDermott | Great Memes of Chaos | 6/3 Lucas Guzman Lucas is a 3D artist, or in his own words, a ‘Digital Blacksmith’ who is Argentinian living in Amsterdam. … Read more

Artist Series Week #7

We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap are done at the artist’s discretion. Anthony Sims | 5/25 Twerky Club | 5/26 Emotionull | 5/29 Anthony Sims Visit Anthony Sims’ Creator Profile & Drop Anthony Sims is an American painter from Memphis, TN, living in Dallas, TX. Anthony’s … Read more

MEME’s First Artist Residency: The Block Times

>> View the Drop << The feedback from the community has been heard: More farmable NFTs without minting fees that aren’t just free — but proven quality collectibles. The Block Times has stepped up to the plate and offered to create art for the community to help bring MEME back to its roots and provide farmable rare and … Read more

The Birth of the Universe

Mark Ward May 18·8 min read Introduction Some call it the Big Bang, some call it the beginning, others call it the Birth of the Universe. In our case, it’s The Universe is now forever expanding at an accelerated rate, all while the xyzDAO controls the future and the fate of this project. Starting … Read more Closes $4.3m Seed Round to Build a Non-Fungible Universe

Mark Ward May 14·5 min read Since we are officially releasing all of our Docs we wanted to announce our seed round raised over $4.3 Million dollars ($21m valuation) to bootstrap a DAO designed for artists to be empowered on Ethereum. Universe has many contributors that are building DeFi products on Ethereum for the long … Read more

Artist Series Week #5

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re making adjustments to make artist series pools more economical, including physical and free components from select artists pools this week. We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap is done at the artist’s discretion. Artist Series Week #5 Tyler Russo … Read more