Delphi Digital Invests in Yield Guild, a Play-to-Earn NFT focused Gaming Guild Supporting Blockchain based Economies

Delphi Digital, a leading crypto and blockchain research firm, has reportedly led Yield Guild’s seed round. Yield Guild (Games) is a “play-to-earn” gaming guild, which aims to bring players together to earn through blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT)-based economies. Yield says they are “the settlers of new worlds in the Metaverse.” Delphi’s management noted … Read more

Digital Collectibles: Rachel Mayer from Circle Pay Explains how Company’s Payments and Treasury Infrastructure Supports NFT Marketplaces

Rachel Mayer, VP at CirclePay, notes that as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) rise in popularity, the operators or managers of NFT marketplaces and storefronts will be needing to remove entry barriers for their users. Mayer points out that more consumers in and outside of the crypto and blockchain space are eager to get their hands on … Read more

Deadmau5 to Release ‘Slickmau5’ NFT Collection

Canadian EDM artist, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, more commonly known as deadmau5, is releasing an NFT collection dubbed ‘Slickmau5’ on March 9. deadmau5’s recent NFT collaboration sees him teaming up with artist OG Slick. The collection will feature digital art and contain new music from deadmau5’s forthcoming album. The collection will be available on NFT exchange … Read more

Music Industry’s Interest in NFTs Surges

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have seen a boom in the last few months and artists like Grimes and Kings of Leon are getting in on the action. Fans are lining up to buy millions worth of digital art and now even whole albums. NFTs are cryptographically secure collectibles that trade on a blockchain. Their value derives … Read more

Enjin Unveils Plans to Become a Multi-chain Ecosystem for NFTS

Enjin, the blockchain gaming platform, has announced its plans to launch new solutions designed to remove gas prices and support cross-platform Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Named JumpNet and Efinitiy, these solutions will be launched later this year to allow users to easily mint and transfer tokens between multiple networks without having to pay for gas in … Read more

Enjin Unveils JumpNet Scaling Solution to Work with Effinity

Enjin continues to innovate within the NFT space, quietly working on scaling solutions in the background. They have now announced JumpNet, which will work in tandem with the upcoming Efinity scaling solution to offer “free-forever Ethereum scaling” launching on April 6th, 2021. Here are the details: JumpNet: Launching April 6, JumpNet is a high-speed bridge network … Read more

OpenSea Guide: Buy, Sell & Mint Your Own NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are quickly becoming one of the hottest digital commodities. While not exactly new, the typically Ethereum-based tokens are quickly breaking into the crypto mainstream. One of the more compelling platforms out there for buying and selling NFTs is OpenSea. The site acts not only as a marketplace and auction site, it … Read more

Is The World Ready for NFTFi – DeFi + NFT?

@serkhitrovSergei Khitrov Entrepreneur, Listing.Help Agency Founder and CEO The two latest thrilling things in the Ethereum ecosystem are NFT and DeFi. Until 2020, these “Money LEGOs” were quite isolated from each other but became the arena of many new projects, innovations, and volume records. And I’m sure that there’s more room to grow and blend. … Read more

Fuelling up the Year of NFTs: The Biggest Sales Yet This 2021

The Blockchain ecosystem is expanding by leaps and bounds, not to mention the market opportunities that its use cases are generating. The philosophy of empowering people and eliminating intermediaries through the transparency and immutability of the transactions that are recorded on the Blockchain, undoubtedly represent the most significant achievement of this new digital era. And … Read more

The Koinos Co-Founder Discusses The Inconvenient Truth of NFTs

@andrarchyandrarchy CEO of Koinos Group, creators of the Koinos blockchain In the following episode of the Koinos Group podcast, I interview one of my co-founders and Koinos blockchain architect, Michael Vandeberg, about the “dirty secret” about NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFT Catch-22 In our conversation, Michael explains the Catch-22 that is inherent to NFT adoption on … Read more