Space Misfits Soon Adding Rogue-like Gameplay

The developers of Space Misfits will drop a big update this month in which they will introduce rogue-like gameplay, procedurally generated levels and an NFT drop mechanism. They labelled the update as the Rogue Release, and it will be in testing until at least September. For those who are unfamiliar with the term rogue-like, this … Read more

Chainmonsters Bringing Proper Battle Mode with Alpha 3

The battle mode of Chainmonsters has been pretty bare bones during the alpha test, but the upcoming alpha 3 update needs to change that. On Monday May 17th they will update Chainmonsters and introduce proper monster stats, stat algorithms, speed dependency and the first preparations for the game’s elemental system. Ultimately Chainmonsters will get a … Read more

Third Citadel of Mirandus Acquired by Flare Network

Flare Network is now the owner of the Citadel of the Moon in the online role playing game Mirandus, and with the deeds in their pockets they will bring the GALA token to their layer-2 solution. Gala Games announced the deal in a blog post, and emphasized that the supply of the GALA token won’t … Read more

Chainmonsters Alpha Launch Now Available

An early alpha version of Chainmonsters is now available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac to those who pre-ordered the role playing game. Players need to redeem their Alpha Access NFT on the Flow blockchain, which will give them the Kickstarter Badge in return. This badge grants players access to the alpha test. This early … Read more

Ember Sword Releases More Info About Land Sale

Even though Bright Star Studios didn’t provide any dates or details about pricing, they did reveal that they’ll sell 12,000 parcels during their first land sale for Ember Sword. Buyers will be able to select pre-defined grids of land plots, which vary from a 1×1 up to roughly 20×20 parcels. The first land sale for … Read more

Farsite Airdrops Campaign Ahead of Crates Pre-Sale

As the space adventure game Farsite is ramping up for its upcoming crates pre-sale, they’ve launched an airdrops campaign where everybody can earn spaceship parts. Gamers who apply now, get a starter spacecraft. They can then upgrade the spacecraft through social challenges, content creation and inviting their friends. This social promotion campaign is a big … Read more

New Design for Monster Catching MMO Chainmonsters

Bside Games has revealed a new graphical design for their upcoming monster-catching MMO game Chainmonsters. The game now has a new art style and camera perspective, creating a new look and feel. Chainmonsters will launch in closed alpha mid-April and uses the Flow blockchain to give gamers ownership over in-game assets. “Mixing pixel-perfect 2D pixel … Read more

The Next NFT Craze: Monetizing MMOs for Gamers

NFTs are everywhere right now. It’s hard to traverse the crypto landscape – or even the non-crypto landscape – without encountering NFTs in some capacity. Art; real estate; digital collectibles; you name it, it’s being traded and auctioned off as non-fungible tokens. Quite where the trend will end is anyone’s guess, but given that someone … Read more

Expansion Wars — Choose Your Allegiance!

Ruby Ronruen Oct 2, 2020 · 8 min read Expansion Wars Progress The War is in full swing and with it come the rewards for completing missions for either the GFI or the FSC. All missions from the Missions Tab that are completed for either side will rank commanders on an overall mission leaderboard. As … Read more