TLOS Is Live On Pancake Swap!!

Telos ($TLOS) is one of the World’s Most Active blockchains, amassing a huge list of active projects in a wide range of industry verticals, since launching in 2018.  After a successful launch on the Ethereum based exchange Uniswap, earlier this year, Telos is expanding its reach even further! It’s now going cross-chain to BSC, starting with a listing … Read more

Telos General Update

Telos Foundation Updates  Here are just a few of the many developments going on behind the scenes in the Telos Foundation!  New & Improved Telos Foundation Structure   Thanks to an increase in funds, we’ve been working tirelessly to revamp the operations in the Telos Foundation from the ground up! This includes the addition of new … Read more

TLOS trading competition comes to Probit

To celebrate the launch of the new TLOS/KRW trading pair, Probit will be holding a 16-day trading competition on both the TLOS/KRW and TLOS/USDT trading pairs with a total prize pool of 35k TLOS! The top 20 traders by trading volume will all receive TLOS rewards, the full breakdown can be found below. Event Duration: … Read more

The Telos Q1 2021 Progress Report – Video

2021 is the year that we are aiming to elevate Telos from the grassroots project it started out as in 2018, to its future as one of the leading blockchains in the world. In this video, Douglas Horn, the architect of the Telos whitepaper and elected block producer reflects on what progress the network has … Read more

The Altcoin bridge is open

You’ve heard it from us over and over again, and that is because we mean it. At Telos, we are serious about building bridges, creating an interconnected blockchain superhighway. We have started with the most established and popular blockchain of all, Ethereum, but that doesn’t mean we are taking our eye off Telos. Quite the … Read more

Telos EVM development update: Milestone 1

The Telos Technical Roadmap for 2021 highlights many exciting features coming to the Telos network, including Telos Decide, Telos Private, and Telos Location. However, in particular, there is one feature that has attracted a lot of attention – the Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine. With Ethereum network congestion at an all-time high and, as a result, … Read more

TLOS arrives on the MXC exchange

Following its launch on the world’s largest decentralised exchange (DEX), Uniswap, we are excited to announce that TLOS ERC-20 will be shortly arriving on its first centralised exchange (CEX), MXC. This listing is part of a broader strategy to create more utility for ERC-20 TLOS, integrate TLOS with new and divergent ecosystems, and introduce the … Read more

Indie gaming will be revolutionised by on-chain monetisation

Projects like Qudo have already begun to transform both development and gameplay forever  Now is arguably the best time in history to be a gamer. Big console releases are exciting as ever, mobile gaming is available to almost everyone, streaming and social are deepening the sense of community around popular games, and new technical innovations … Read more

How to deploy your TLOS on the Telos and Ethereum blockchains

The bridge to deploy your TLOS on either the Ethereum or Telos blockchain 1:1 is now live! Using the pBridge you can peg-in and peg-out of the blockchain of your choice, much in the same way you can with BTC & PBTC, if you are familiar with the Telos native swap platform, Tswaps. This is … Read more

Rewards-based mobile gaming platform, QUDO is primed for launch on Telos mainnet

To most Telosians out there, QUDO will be a well-known quantity. A proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism, QUDO has been running in alpha on the Telos testnet for over a year now – as they ensure everything is in working order for that all-important mainnet launch. We are hyped to see QUDO primed and ready for a … Read more