30% of Newly Minted NCT is Owned by Addresses that Don't Own a Hashmask

Hashmasks’ Name Changing Token (NCT) allows users – as the name suggests- to change the name of their Hashmask. However, token transactions reveal that 30% of newly minted NCT is now owned by addresses that don’t actually own a Hashmask.  Hashmasks are digital art collectibles that have been created by more than 70 artists from across the globe. There are … Read more

How to become a Hashmasks liquidity provider?

In this blog post we’re going through the entire process of becoming a Hashmasks liquidity provider on popular exchanges such as Sushiswap, using the NFTX Hashmasks index fund. NFTX is a protocol that allows anyone to create and invest into index funds which are 1:1 backed by NFTs. This brings the DeFi and NFT communities … Read more