Hash Rush Will Use NFTs as Temporary Gameplay Boosts

The strategy game Hash Rush is currently undergoing a complete makeover, and one of the changes will be the introduction of NFT boosts. In their latest development update the team shared that players can acquire and activate boosts to specific areas of the game, for example +10% health for all units. The NFT boosts will … Read more

Vorto Gaming Partnered with NEAR Protocol

Vorto Gaming is looking to bring its gaming platform to NEAR Protocol after receiving 25,000 NEAR and another $10,000 grant from the NEAR Foundation. How the Vorto Network, a blockchain solution tailored for play-to-earn gaming, will connect to the NEAR Protocol is a bit unclear so far. Vorto Gaming came into existence after VZ Games … Read more

Remade Hash Rush Play Test Coming Soon

The real-time strategy game Hash Rush will launch the sign-up for their play test on Tuesday May 4th, at 8:00 AM UTC. A maximum of 30,000 gamers will have the ability to play the completely revamped version of the strategy game this summer. A free-to-play version of the game is already available on the official … Read more

Redesigned Hash Rush Looking at RUSH Coin

Vorto Gaming has been redesigning their strategy game Hash Rush, and with it the company has taken a new look at their in-game currency RUSH Coin. Even though the game has been playable for some time now, the use of RUSH hasn’t been a focus of the development team. In their latest blog post they … Read more

All blockchain games in beta – Blankos’ open beta now live

What you should be playing, testing and spending on Nothing is more exciting or more dynamic than the blockchain games market. Each day throws up new projects, each with their own roadmap in terms of alpha and beta testing. Keeping track of all that activity is hard, but that’s what we’re attempting to do in … Read more