Guild of Guardians NFT Sale Starts Next Week

Mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians will host their first NFT Founder Sale next week on May 26th and 8PM EST or midnight UTC. During the first presale event they will only sell Guild and Legendary Hero NFTs, which are the most expensive and most scarce NFTs during the Founder Sale. The first … Read more

Ubisoft Working with Crucible & Guild of Guardians

The metaverse organization Crucible, game studio Horizon and the action role playing game Guild of Guardians are among the eleven companies that will work with Ubisoft for the coming months. This program is meant to support innovative startups to create products and services that will enhance the entertainment industry. These three companies aren’t unknown to … Read more

SkyWeaver and Guild of Guardians devs enter Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab

Ubisoft has announced the sixth season of its Entrepreneurs Lab.  Eleven game companies have been accepted into the six month program, of which five use the blockchain. In terms of blockchain games, the key companies are SkyWeaver developer Horizon and Stepico, which is the team behind Guild of Guardians. Previous companies include Axie Infinity dev … Read more

Guild of Guardians Picks 3 Heroes for The Sandbox

Guild of Guardians has announced that they have selected three heroes that will exist in both Guild of Guardians and the online virtual world The Sandbox. These heroes are the rare character Varik, the epic Miera and the legendary Lia. There’s a limited amount of these heroes and they will distribute them for free. According … Read more

One NFT to Use in Guild of Guardians and The Sandbox

The mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians is working with the user-generated world The Sandbox to create NFT characters that can be used in both games. Details are a bit scarce, but Joseph Madding from The Sandbox spilled the beans in a recent video. Graphically there’s quite some overlap between Guild of Guardians … Read more

Guild of Guardians Shares Details on NFT Founder Sale

When Immutable and Stepico launch the NFT Founder Sale for their mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians, there will be a couple of items: Guilds, Heroes, Pets & Energy Boosters. Each of these NFTs has a different purpose in the game. The Founder Sale will take place soon, but no date has been … Read more

Guild of Guardians Founder Sale in Two Weeks

Stepico and Immutable have announced that their Founder Sale for the upcoming mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians will happen in the next two weeks. The exclusive NFTs come with Gems, while early backers get a discount on their purchase and an NFT with a low serial number. Gamers who join in on … Read more

Guild of Guardians Combat Gameplay Detailed

The mobile action RPG Guild of Guardians will have its combat influenced by four key components: your squad, strategy, the actual combat and enemy actions. Every player will have multiple heroes, most likely four, when going into a dungeon, but controls only one. In a blog post the developers at Stepico revealed some of those … Read more

Mobile RPG Guild of Guardians announced, will use Immutable X

Ukrainian mobile developer Stepico Games has announced Guild of Guardians, a mobile RPG that will be published by Gods Unchained developer Immutable.  Best known as a work-for-hire studio, the 80-strong Stepico has worked on 25 games to-date and will be using that experience to ensure Guild of Guardians is both “fun and rewarding”. It’s a … Read more