Immutable Making Good Progress on Gods Unchained Mobile

Even though they aren’t ready to release their trading card game Gods Unchained on mobile devices, Immutable has communicated that they are making ‘good progress’. The team is working on an iOS and Android version of the game, and really needs to finetune the touchscreen interface. Normally gamers play Gods Unchained on a computer screen … Read more

Gods Unchained Trading Blossoms on Immutable X

In the past week gamers have traded for $681,000 on trading cards for the game Gods Unchained, all thanks to gas-free trading on Immutable X. According to development studio Immutable their layer-2 solution saved gamers $1.3 million on gas costs, highlighting the need for Ethereum scaling solutions. Before the launch of Immutable X, the trading … Read more

Gods Unchained Marketplace Now Free to Use

Immutable has minted 1.5 million NFTs and launched the Gods Unchained marketplace on their layer-2 solution Immutable X. Gamers and collectors can now trade Gods Unchained trading cards without having to worry about gas fees. More products and functionalities will be added in the months to come. Immutable X uses so-called zk-rollups, which is a … Read more

Expensive game NFTs: Kylian Mbappé card sells for $65,000

Welcome to our roundup of the top game NFTs sales.  Most expensive game NFTs $223,000 – Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A (F1 Delta Time) $170,000 – ‘Dragon’ (CryptoKitties) $130,000 – ‘Angel’ (Axie Infinity) $111,000 – ‘1-1-1’ F1 car (F1 Delta Time) $77,000 – ‘Bahrain Edition 2020’ F1 car (F1 Delta Time) $72,000 … Read more