Polyient Games and Aavegotchi to Bring GHST to Polyient DEX

Craig Russo Dec 22 · 3 min read We are excited to announce that Aavegotchi, the leading DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles project, has joined the Polyient Games Ecosystem. As part of their entrance into the Ecosystem, Polyient Capital has made a $100K purchase of Aavegotchi’s GHST token with the intention of supporting liquidity for GHST within … Read more

Rarity Farming Explained via Illustrated NFT Ghosts

@appellantsJo T. Trainee lawyer messing around with crypto. In the wake of DeFi’s food token moment and animal rearing season, a new type of farmer has emerged. Enter the rarity farmer. He knows the ways of his closely-related sibling, the yield farmer, who diligently stakes his coins for returns. But beyond that, he also seeks … Read more

WTF is An Aavegotchi? An NFT? An Internet Ghost? Or All Of The Above?

@appellantsJo T. Trainee lawyer messing around with crypto. After a season of crazy pumps, new projects, and exit scams, the DeFi Summer of 2020 is cooling down. The food is rotting on the vine and the seafood is going stale. Some yield farmers are throwing down their pitchforks in the face of liquidation risks and … Read more