The Dawning Continent built on Heco Chain has finished the first 10 lands and 20 apostles auctions!

Let’s review it: Land: The average price of lands: 35,840.54 RING The highest price of lands: 44,760.73 RING Apostle: #1 Apostle ‘Leona’: 162,239.69 RING owns to ‘aldogbites’ after 23 bids. The average price of normal apostles: 5,824.33 RING Now there are 10 generation apostles on Dawning! Will two land make everyone feel a little restrained? Our second round of … Read more

LOCGame Spotlight Series: The Yield Farmer

LOCGame Jun 14 · 3 min read We hope you’ve been enjoying all of the new Legends Of Crypto Game (LOCG) NFT characters! As we keep innovating behind the scenes, we’re continuing to roll out the beloved Spotlight Series to give you the rundown of the inspiration behind these characters. Our creative and design teams … Read more

“It Was Awesome!” Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Recap

Explorers Gather to Find the Signal of Distressed Miners Alien Worlds Just now·19 min read It seems like everyone in the Metaverse was at the first Alien Worlds Mining Rally in the official Alien Worlds Twitter. Lucas and Wax Gamer watched from the stands as Explorers darted around each Planet, mining on zero or low … Read more

My Neighbor Alice is coming to The Sandbox Metaverse

My Neighbor Alice My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, introducing blockchain to millions of players. Anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends. My Neighbor Alice is delighted to announce a unique partnership with The Sandbox. We will be building out the Metaverse and releasing characters that … Read more

Boost Your R-Planet Land — Get Land in The Uplift World Today

R-PLANET Just now·2 min read The WECAN team continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with NFT’s. Today we introduce another concept which has never been done before: A single NFT can now represent ownership in two completely different metaverse environments! Your single R-planet land NFT can now grant you ownership … Read more

I’m Going Metaversal! Join Me in My Spaceship as I Travel the Metaverse!

Alien Worlds Just now·2 min read Hello Explorers. It’s Ted here and I have some exciting news to share with you all. The Metaverse is growing at warped speed and I want to keep up with the excitement! So, guess what?! I’m going to travel the Metaverse, to explore new Lands and share the adventure … Read more

Now, Claim Your Mined NFT Game Cards

Metaverse Update Alien Worlds Just now·2 min read The Federation has announced an update to the functionality of the Metaverse. Miners will now access their NFT game cards by claiming them. Claiming NFT Game Cards Earned from Mining In order to receive your NFT game cards, you will need to manually claim them and they … Read more

Welcome to the Alien Worlds Metaverse! Tips for New Explorers!

Alien Worlds Just now·4 min read More than 2.1 million people have escaped Earth into the Alien Worlds Metaverse, and the Federation cares about each and every Explorer. Accordingly, the Federation wanted to send some of the basic information about Alien Worlds to Explorers who have recently subscribed to email communications. Included throughout are links … Read more

Teleport Update

Tokens Travel Throughout the Metaverse Alien Worlds Just now·5 min read Teleport Update Tokens Travel Throughout the Metaverse The Federation has discovered that Teleport technology has been very valuable to Explorers who have been using it to Teleport WAX tokens to Ethereum and to Binance Smart Chain. Along with a suite of smart contracts,Trilium and … Read more

2 Million+ Players in 5 Months of the Alien Worlds Metaverse

Alien Worlds Just now·4 min read Explorers are telling friends and family that they can escape from Earth’s pandemic into the Metaverse to seek their fortune and find opportunity on the six Planets of Alien Worlds. Although the growth during the first four months of the Metaverse was unprecedented, the fifth month continued to surprise … Read more