2021 Will Bring a Blockchain Gaming Revolution

@kristina-frunzeKristina Frunze Market-savvy content writer approaching 4 years of experience. My second passion is SEO. Currently, the gaming industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally. It is estimated that the global video game market size stood at USD 151.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth … Read more

Third Person, OC Materials and BC (Blockchain) OC (Off-Chain) Trader, Dailies

Third Person, OC Materials, BC (Blockchain) <-> OC (Off-Chain) Trader, Dailies Third Person As we promised third person is a reality and already in the game! Not much to say here other than the first impression from the players are extraordinary! You can play and check out yourselves! OC(Off-Chain) Materials After our first implementation of Crystals … Read more

Blockchain Gaming: A Paradigm Shift in Economic Modeling

@ashkykharooAshvarya Engineer with love for technology, especially those that solve real-user problems. Mobile as a gaming platform has dominated the gaming industry. Nearly 51% of the global games market came from mobile. It is expected that by 2021, mobile games revenue will grow to 100 billion dollars. Today mobile game developers pay a commission of … Read more

2019: A Blockchain Year in Review for The Six Dragons

What an epic year 2019 has been for Blockchain Gaming and The Six Dragons! Join us in reviewing our best moments so far from the very first days while sharing our resolutions for 2020. With 2020 approaching, it’s time to look back on the journey of the first blockchain-powered Open-World RPG, The Six Dragons. From the … Read more

Current Status, Efinity, Multiplayer

Following some months of amazing progress, I would like to explain where the game currently stands, including the progress of our roadmap, the challenges we faced along the way, and the bright plans for the game. This is not an article that will beatify the delay of the alpha or anything, the alpha will launch as … Read more

The Six Dragons: Real-time Blockchain Crafting & Enchanting is here!

Blockchain gaming never looked more exciting. Today we uncover some details on how our real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting mechanisms will work. Integrating decentralized gaming assets in The Six Dragons was not a decision based on the blockchain hype or a short-term monetization opportunity. It was a statement. We create a game where players are the … Read more