Fortified Land Plots Seemingly Set in Stone

It looks like Gala Games has made up their mind about the land plots in the upcoming tower defense game Fortified. In a development update they mentioned that ‘the land tiles have been defined and function flawlessly’. At the same time the developers now have several types of towers functional in their early version of … Read more

Development Update: Fortified

At Gala Games, we believe that you deserve to know how games are built. This is why we have always kept the community informed about the development of Mirandus, held AMAs on Mirandus and Town Star, and have plans to bring other developers in to speak with the community. We believe you should “know how … Read more

Gala Games Adds Support for Polygon to Ecosystem

Gala Games wants to give gamers all the choice in the world, and therefore the company now announced that Polygon will be added to their ecosystem. The company is working to add as many Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain solutions to their network, giving players more options to move their NFTs around. Gala Games … Read more