Announcing Ubisoft’s Game with Sorare Cards: One Shot League

Sorare Mar 1 · 3 min read At Sorare, we’re building an open experience where footballers and fans own the game. We designed and minted our collectibles on the most open, decentralized and secured blockchain: Ethereum. It gives Sorare cards superpowers: digital scarcity, true ownership, authenticity, and most importantly interoperability. Our digital cards can be … Read more

Introducing The New Sorare Tournament Rewards

Sorare Oct 27 · 5 min read Introducing The New Sorare Tournament Rewards Last week, we announced the new rewards and received some very constructive feedback. We’re so humbled to see the energy and the time Sorare managers put into helping improve the game for the long-term and this only increases our commitment to building … Read more

Daily Power Hours — Starting Soon!

Sorare Oct 7 · 2 min read As more and more managers sign-up to Sorare, it is important that our daily auctions provide consistent supply and variety of new cards at all times of the day. Having received a lot of positive feedback on our regular Sunday Power Hours we have created a weekly auction … Read more