From One Chain to Many: Polkamon is Becoming Polychain Monsters

Lennart Brandt Jun 11 · 3 min read Over the last two and a half months since our public launch, we’ve connected, partnered and collaborated with a wide range of communities. When talking to the smart minds behind these projects, we often found our name to be a source of slight confusion. Polkamon, being so … Read more

Cometh⚗️ feat. APY Vision

Super excited to launch our first collection in our Tube V2 with APY vision. Everything now happens on Polygon (Except the Mythic auction, auction are still not available on Matic Opensea😃) APY Vision Tube will start on Friday 11th of June at 3pm GMT on We also introduce a new way to earn Spaceships, … Read more

Summer 2021 Climax: The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix

Five months after going live on Polygon, Cometh’s groundbreaking DeFi and Gaming applications drove an unprecedented traction: More than 4,200 yield generating Spaceship NFT were minted, bridged and traded between Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet (average price 0.61 ETH) More than 4,100 unique players did about 4,200,000 transactions to compete on mining asteroïds and to manage more … Read more

Artist Spotlight — Barbsie

Artist Spotlight — Barbsie Barbsie is a contemporary London artist. Her paintings are colorful and witty that capture the imagination. She creates art to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals, and to live life to the fullest. This moment in history is an opportunity for all dreamers and doers to get involved at the beginning … Read more

Paris Hilton Joins Origin as Investor and Advisor

Matthew Liu Jun 8 · 4 min read Today, we welcome Paris Hilton as both an investor and advisor to Origin. We’re ecstatic that the world-renowned entertainment and business icon has chosen to team up with Origin and is now aligned to make our products and Origin Tokens (OGN) massively successful. In the last few … Read more

“It Was Awesome!” Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Recap

Explorers Gather to Find the Signal of Distressed Miners Alien Worlds Just now·19 min read It seems like everyone in the Metaverse was at the first Alien Worlds Mining Rally in the official Alien Worlds Twitter. Lucas and Wax Gamer watched from the stands as Explorers darted around each Planet, mining on zero or low … Read more

ENS Grants, Round 1: 180 ETH to Gitcoin Grants

Brantly Millegan Jun 7 · 2 min read The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) project is pleased to announce a donation of 180 ETH to Gitcoin Grants, the largest quadratic funding system for blockchain public goods. This ETH will be dispersed to grantees that have ENS integrated over the course of the next few grants rounds. … Read more

Brave x Origin to Launch Exclusive TABONG NFT Drop

Nick Poulden Jun 2 · 3 min read I am excited to announce the launch of an exclusive open edition NFT drop entitled TABONG. This is a collaboration between Brave and Origin to commemorate our successful and longstanding partnership. The partnership started with Origin powering Brave’s Swag Store. It evolved with the first sale of … Read more

Charged Particles Partners with Drops for DeFi NFT Loans

Jon Kruzeniski Jun 2 · 3 min read Charged Particles is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Drops! Until recently NFTs have been static in nature; with their true potential unrealized by the market. Enter Drops: a DeFi-style protocol to NFTs that enables users to leverage their NFTs to obtain loans and earn yield; … Read more

The cometh tube V2 is live on Polygon!

➡️ Let’s start with some incredible milestones we’ve hit over the past 5 months: 4,311 spaceships minted 4,000 unique players (+100% in 4 weeks) $200K earned by the top 10 players ~450 stakers, $1.6M of TVL New tube, New features Re-built on Polygon to be more accessible From day 1, we wanted to create an accessible game bringing everyone … Read more