Sorare Embraces Zero-Knowledge Proof As Scaling Solution

Fantasy football game Sorare will implement StarkWare’s zero-knowledge proof technology as their scaling solution of choice. The collectible card game currently exists on Ethereum mainnet, and this has obviously become a problem. They see the ideal solution in StarkWare’s zk-rollups. In an extensive blog post Sorare explained their reasoning. Ultimately they didn’t want to sacrifice … Read more

Lost Relics with Unique Gas Fee Solution for In-Game Transactions

Lost Relics has created an interesting solution to solve their gas fee issues on the Ethereum blockchain. They have created a custom solution that allows players to trade NFTs on Ethereum mainnet without paying any gas fees. It’s literally an in-game workaround. Any dapp built on Ethereum needs to deal with high gas prices in … Read more

Gamers Can Still Claim Their 2018 Chainmonsters

Gamers who’ve been playing early version of Chainmonsters three years ago on the Ethereum blockchain, can now claim the same Gen-0 chainmons on the Flow blockchain. B-side Games announced this on their Twitter account. However, they warn that the process isn’t that easy, as the rules are ‘specific’. If you played the Chainmonsters demo back … Read more

Ether Kingdoms Finds New Owner for 10 ETH

The crypto-powered strategy game Ether Kingdoms has a new owner after someone paid 10 ETH to take over the crown from GameDelta. Literally, as the original creators sold the Ether Kingdoms Crown as an NFT on OpenSea. The new owner now gets all intellectual property, social media accounts, development documents, game code, servers and wallets. … Read more

Blockchain Firm Labs Group Taps Enjin to Tokenize Real Estate Assets

The year has started with a batch of announcements regarding tokenization in various sectors. On this occasion, a blockchain gaming platform announced its collaboration with Labs Group to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of real estate assets. Global Real Estate Market Is Valued at $228 Trillion According to the announcement, the blockchain real estate company will … Read more

Creating an Ethereum Wallet — Which is Best and Where to Start?

Creating an Ethereum Wallet — Which is Best and Where to Start? Stepping into the world of cryptocurrency and creating an Ethereum wallet opens up an entire universe of possibilities. While some choose to simply invest in currencies like Ether, others have expanded their boundaries and are using their Ether to invest in real-world asset ownership via tokenization. … Read more