Esports Gaming Platforms Turning Skills into Crypto Profits

Playing competitive esports games and earning crypto is quite accessible nowadays. However, traditionally esports, playing games for a living, is only available to the very best. Everybody else just plays games online, competitively or not. When a professional gamer wins a tournament, they often need to wait before they receive their prize money. Esports gaming … Read more

Native NFTs Look to Boost Engagement (and Monetization) for Streamers

Decentralized streaming platform is launching native non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for content creators to mint and share with their fans. The addition of NFTs to the gaming-focused network means the 800-plus streamers on the platform can create their own unique items, emotes and badges to share with their viewers. This new engagement tactic by Theta … Read more

Why NFTs Are Overtaking DeFi as the Hottest Blockchain Trend

@anrkeyxAnRKey X™ The first to merge DeFi, esports gamification, and WEB 3.0 NFTs. With the world moving towards Web 3.0, continuous innovation and optimization have become the core pillars of mass adoption. What was once considered as a barrier to the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is now acting as the foundation for future implementations. … Read more