Space Misfits Soon Adding Rogue-like Gameplay

The developers of Space Misfits will drop a big update this month in which they will introduce rogue-like gameplay, procedurally generated levels and an NFT drop mechanism. They labelled the update as the Rogue Release, and it will be in testing until at least September. For those who are unfamiliar with the term rogue-like, this … Read more

Age of Rust Updates Game and Player Expectations

Age of Rust, a space-themed game developed by SpacePirate Games, has released their latest dev update which includes several quality of life improvements as well as clarification around expectations from the game. They focused in particular on its status as a play-to-earn, first-person shooter. Guess what? It’s not. First and foremost the developers never designed … Read more

Nestables Marketplace Now Open for Business

In their May development update, Nestables has announced that their new marketplace is now live for all of your Nestable shopping needs. They created the marketplace using the Enjin’s APIs. For now purchases can only be made using the Enjin native ENJ token. The first iteration of their marketplace provides several refinement and sorting options … Read more

Protect the City and Earn NFT Real Estate in MyMetaverse

The open-world adventure game MyMetaverse has released a token currency that allows players to earn a real estate NFT inside their blockchain-enabled Minecraft server. Players can earn these real estate tokens simply by playing the game, and they can then spend the tokens on land NFTs. The play-to-earn (and own) process is quite interesting. First … Read more

Enjin’s Gas-Free Solution for NFTs Sees Interest From Binance, Microsoft, and Others

JumpNet, a new gas-free network developed by Enjin has been officially released and already is drawing a lot of attention from the community.  JumpNet is a network from Enjin that operates on a proof-of-authority mechanism. It allows users to move Enjin Coin (ENJ) from Ethereum (ETH) to JumpNet. Other features include the ability to trade … Read more

Enjin to Launch Jumpnet Sidechain Today

Gaming-oriented blockchain solution Enjin will launch its own sidechain Jumpnet today. The sidechain solution will make it possible to move entire game economies over, benefiting from faster and free transactions. A couple of gaming projects have already announced that they will move over. The online PVP battle game 9Lives Arena will move all its NFTs … Read more

Nestables Remember Their Jobs Now

While Tribal Gaming introduced a free-to-play demo of Nestables last month, development on the actual game continued with several AI improvements, jobs and building options. The game now has a furnace, cooking has become more user-friendly, while the cute little Nestables can now remember their jobs after they took a nap. Nestables really started out … Read more

Enjin’s Efinity Home for NFTs from All Blockchains

Enjin has unveiled their plans for Efinity, a completely new blockchain aimed at NFTs using the framework from Polkadot. As a result Efinity will be cheap and fast to use, but most importantly it can connect to many others blockchains. In a blog post Enjin revealed their cross-chain ambitions, as Efinity will be a so-called … Read more

Options in the Metaverse: Enjin, The Sandbox, and Other Marketplaces

In 2003, Second Life caused a stir that caught the attention of many users globally. At that time, a game that allowed you to have a second life was something totally innovative, but it still did not have the blockchain technology that changed the way you interact. Now, the metaverses are more evolved, these virtual … Read more

Enjin Unveils Plans to Become a Multi-chain Ecosystem for NFTS

Enjin, the blockchain gaming platform, has announced its plans to launch new solutions designed to remove gas prices and support cross-platform Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Named JumpNet and Efinitiy, these solutions will be launched later this year to allow users to easily mint and transfer tokens between multiple networks without having to pay for gas in … Read more