Despite Troubles Ember Sword Sale Sold Out

The first 12,000 plots in Solarwood, one of the nations in Ember Sword, sold out despite lots of server and blockchain troubles. At the peak of the sale, Bright Star Studios sold 5,000 lands in half an hour. The servers, third-party services and remote procedure call (RPC) protocol couldn’t keep up with the traffic, causing … Read more

Ember Sword Land and Play-to-Earn Economy Explained

Ember Sword is far from finished, but their upcoming land sale got people talking, and that’s why the developers of Bright Star Studios fully explained the game’s play-to-earn economy. Landowners will earn from the activity on their land and activity on surrounding lands, while players can earn through questing and trading. At the center of … Read more

Ember Sword Solarwood Land Sale End of the Month

Bright Star Studios has announced that their first land sale for the Solarwood nation in Ember Sword will take place on May 27th at 17:00 UTC. This land sale will take place on their official website. They will sell approximately 12,000 land plots, starting at 0.011 ETH or $40 and all the way up to … Read more

Ember Sword Releases More Info About Land Sale

Even though Bright Star Studios didn’t provide any dates or details about pricing, they did reveal that they’ll sell 12,000 parcels during their first land sale for Ember Sword. Buyers will be able to select pre-defined grids of land plots, which vary from a 1×1 up to roughly 20×20 parcels. The first land sale for … Read more

Ember Sword Land Sale Delayed to April

The online role playing game Ember Sword has delayed its land sale. The event will now take place ‘a few weeks past the end of the first quarter’. That would be late April at the earliest, but probably somewhere in May. Bright Star Studios didn’t provide a reason for the delay, except that the decision … Read more