From One Chain to Many: Polkamon is Becoming Polychain Monsters

Lennart Brandt Jun 11 · 3 min read Over the last two and a half months since our public launch, we’ve connected, partnered and collaborated with a wide range of communities. When talking to the smart minds behind these projects, we often found our name to be a source of slight confusion. Polkamon, being so … Read more

Elrond Launches New NFT Collectibles in Collaboration with Terra Virtua

Elrond has announced the integration of Terra Virtua’s digital collectible platform’s with its mainnet to enable users to add Elrond-native NFTs to their collections. 2020 was a year of innovation for the blockchain world in which not only decentralized finance attracted investors around the world but also in which NFT collectibles like MeMe, Rarible, and … Read more