Sega goes NFT; will launch first items in summer 2021

Iconic Japanese gaming company Sega Sammy has announced it will start selling NFTs “related to its classic IP” from summer 2021.  As part of the announcement, Sega has revealed a partnership with local Japanese game company Double Jump.Tokyo. It’s best known for the game My Crypto Heroes and its MCH+ blockchain gaming platform.  As part … Read more

Sega to Sell NFTs with Double Jump Tokyo

Iconic Japanese gaming company Sega has announced a collaboration with game studio Double Jump Tokyo to start selling NFTs in the summer of 2021. They will sell NFTs based on Sega’s iconic intellectual property, which includes Sonic The Hedgehog and Crazy Taxi. In the future they will also consider modern and upcoming brands as an … Read more

Double Jump Hopping its RPGs to Flow

Japanese game company Double Jump Tokyo will move a part of its portfolio to the Flow blockchain, while in addition launching games exclusive to the ecosystem. The studio will also run a validator node for the Flow blockchain and they will create a wallet software development kit for business purposes. The Japanese gaming company made … Read more

Brave Frontier Heroes and More RPGs Move to Immutable X

Double Jump Tokyo will be bringing their entire repertoire, including Brave Frontier Heroes, My Crypto Heroes and the MCH+ platform, to Immutable X. They will move all minting and trading features for their role playing games to the layer-2 solution, benefitting from low gas fees and fast transaction times. Double Jump Tokyo works on a … Read more