Cybernetics Packs Coming to Doctor Who on Thursday

Reality Gaming Group has announced the release of Cybernetics Packs coming to the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. These packs still contain the same cards, but with a different frame. The Cybernetics Packs offers three new frames, and therefore a new opportunity to get a card with a low serial number. The new … Read more

Doctor Who Marketplace Live on Ethereum Sidechain

Reality Gaming Group has launched their private Ethereum sidechain dedicated to serving the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and its marketplace. They introduced a sidechain in order to circumvent the gas fee problems on the Ethereum mainnet. However, players are allowed to transfer and mint their Doctor Who: Worlds Apart NFTs onto the … Read more

Yield farming is already a key 2021 trend for blockchain games like The Sandbox and Reality Clash

Given the growth in yield farming activity during 2020 – which included NFT farming with the likes of MEME – it looks like blockchain gaming is doubling-down on such incentivized activity. For, coincidentally, Animoca Brands and Reality Gaming Group have both launched such initiatives.  Animoca Brands is incentivizing people to add liquidity to the Uniswap … Read more

Fandoms on blockchain – Manchester City coming to The Sandbox

With an increasing focus on fandom and collectibles, we’re seeing a surprising number of consumer IP holders adopting blockchain technology to better engage with their audiences.  This constantly updated list is an attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of what IP deals are being announced.  If you’d like anything to be added, please email [email protected] … Read more

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart launches its first NFT sale

Forthcoming trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart has launched its initial NFT pack sale.  The game – coming to mobile and browser – won’t be released until the second half of 2021, but the underlying collectible element of the experience has now gone live. Currently there are four different pack types with prices ranging … Read more