VeVe Moves to Ethereum via Immutable X

We are incredibly excited to share that Immutable X has been chosen as our technology partner and blockchain provider, allowing for the interoperability of VeVe digital collectible NFTs on the world's most decentralised blockchain protocol- Ethereum! Immutable X Immutable X is the first layer-2 scaling solution for carbon-neutral non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on Ethereum. Utilising … Read more

Voxies NFT Collectibles Becoming Turn-Based RPG

Voxies might look like another NFT collectible project on the blockchain, but the creators have leaked that there’s also a turn-based RPG gaming mechanic behind the project. Details about the gameplay have not been revealed yet, but the Voxies team did show several videos of their gameplay. In the modern day realm of NFT collectibles … Read more

How to Buy Artvatars on Polygon

Artvatars, a new on-chain generated art project, will launch tomorrow on the Polygon blockchain, but how do you buy these NFTs? You will need to have ETH on the Polygon blockchain, so let’s take a look on how to arrange that. Each of the Artvatars collectibles is an uniquely generated avatars, made from twelve parts. … Read more

Topps Brings Baseball Collectible Cards to Wax Blockchain

Trading card company Topps and Major League Baseball expand their 70-year collaboration to the digital realm with cards on the Wax blockchain. Starting from Tuesday April 20th they will launch the Topps Baseball 2021 Series 1 collection with modern-day baseball stars in new and classic card designs. Collectors can buy the digital baseball cards on … Read more

Upland Collectibles Get Bridge from Wax to EOS

Virtual real-estate game Upland is working with Blockchain Heroes to launch the Upland Collectibles: Blockchain Heroes Edition on the Wax blockchain next week. What’s interesting is that some of the collectibles will also have utility on the EOS blockchain, as some digital collectibles can become so-called Block Explorers in the Upland game. The cards exists … Read more

Funko Will Combine Physical Collectibles with NFTs

Physical collectible company Funko has acquired a majority stake in NFT platform TokenWave, signaling their first move into the realm of digital collectibles and NFTs. The company now has plans to launch their first NFTs in June, and they are picking the WAX blockchain to do so. On a weekly basis Funk wants to release … Read more

Retro Game Collectibles with Atari Capsule Collection

Atari and Animoca Brands have announced the Atari Capsule Collection, a series of digital collectibles looking back at the history of Atari. These NFTs will be issued, starting from Tuesday March 30th, through digital collectibles platform Quidd. The NFTs will be available on both the Ethereum and the Harmony blockchain. The Atari Capsule Collection will … Read more

ECOMI Community Update

The rapid adoption of VeVe continues, so much so that we’ve almost sold out the entire store! In this new style of community update, we want to give you the most important information as quickly as possible, to continue to keep everyone in the ECOMI family up to speed on the development of VeVe and … Read more

Digital Collectibles: Rachel Mayer from Circle Pay Explains how Company’s Payments and Treasury Infrastructure Supports NFT Marketplaces

Rachel Mayer, VP at CirclePay, notes that as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) rise in popularity, the operators or managers of NFT marketplaces and storefronts will be needing to remove entry barriers for their users. Mayer points out that more consumers in and outside of the crypto and blockchain space are eager to get their hands on … Read more

If You Build It, They Will Come

It’s safe to say that February will go down as one of the most exciting months in VeVe’s short history. The app has only been live for two months, and although we’re still in beta, February saw some absolutely mind-blowing adoption, as well as the rapid expansion of the ECOMI family! The ECOMI Fam is Growing Before … Read more