I Bought This Image For $1,500 (and I sold it for +50% in two weeks) Using NFTs

@jonromeroJon V My money is managed by a Machine and I spend most of my time looking how to help Entrepreneurs If a year ago someone told me that they bought an image, a simple file that is trivial to download for $1,500, I would think that they are idiots. But as it happens with all … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive NFT Sales Globally

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become another huge trend in the world of blockchain. These unique digital tokens connect many industries, such as gaming, VR, e-sports, and even art. Works of digital art are often saved as an NFT, as well as in-game land or characters. Many of these NFTs have been sold at exorbitant prices. … Read more

Banksy Art Piece Set Ablaze and Replaced with NFT

Art enthusiasts have tokenized a pricey Banksy artwork. They burnt the original art piece in a livestream and are replacing it with a non-fungible token (NFT) version set to be available on OpenSea. The NFT craze is rife among digital asset enthusiasts. Their quest to prove that these blockchain-based digital assets possess real economic value is … Read more

The beginners guide to creating & selling digital art NFTs

Unlockable content, filterable properties, limited-edition listings, and more… As word spreads about the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), we’re fielding more and more questions from artists and creators looking to sell their work on the blockchain. For many, the first steps can be tricky to overcome. Crypto wallets? Ethereum? We’ve all been there. Here’s how … Read more

Spotlight, February 2021

Each month we’ll be reaching out to new and exciting artists selling their work on OpenSea and asking them to introduce themselves to our growing community. Here’s Emma Tumanyan, Miguelgarest, and Thato! Twitter | Instagram | OpenSea I, Emma Tumanyan, am an artist from Armenia. I began to draw at the age of eight. I … Read more

Digital Artist Burst_ crypto art

The Crypto artist Burst_ has kindly taken time out, from his creative endeavors in crypto art, to give a very enlightening interview into what makes, one the most active digital artists in the NFT artworld tick. Crypto art and its creators, digital artists, have been making a big splash, not only in the crypto sphere, … Read more

Spotlight, January 2021

Each month we’ll be reaching out to new and exciting artists using OpenSea’s gas-free NFT creation tools and asking them to introduce themselves to our growing community. First up is Cielmot, Stellabelle, and pxlq! Cielmot I’m a self taught digital artist who makes dreamy art and am currently focusing on dark fantasy/chaotic art. I love … Read more

Introducing the Collection Manager

The first way to create & sell NFTs for free For the last month, we’ve been testing a new technique for creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on OpenSea that eliminates the need for creators to pay gas. It’s the first truly-free NFT maker, and today it works directly on Ethereum. While we already had some existing tools … Read more

NFT Digital Art That Changes With Bitcoin Price Volatility Sold for Record $101,000

Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time,” a non-fungible token (NFT) digital artwork that changes every day with the bitcoin price volatility, claims the artist, has been sold for a record 262 ether or $101,100 on blockchain platform Async Art. According to a description of the artwork on Async Art’s website, a new composition for … Read more