Everything You Wanted To Know About NFTs

A herd of cartoon cats, a video of LeBron, a digital painting of 5,000 thumbnails – all of this has recently been turned into NFT tokens – a new tool for digital art buying and selling. NFT tokens are a hype topic in the world of cryptocurrencies today: three years ago, the entire NFT market … Read more

Decentralizing Art Will Give A Big Boost To The Creator Economy

For many years, artists and cultural centers face difficulties in claiming ownership of their products and their products are quickly reproduced and resold multiple times. The original authors do not even get a commission. This has lead to an increased need for social protection, better and more open access to relative markets, better exposure to … Read more

“Monkey see Monkey do is Why Paypal Is Entering Crypto And It Is Awesome” – Bryan Legend

@Ishan PandeyIshan Pandey Student of law working on code and everything law. Founder: Blockchain Research Ishan Pandey: Hi Bryan, welcome to our series “Behind the Startup.” Please tell us about yourself and the story behind Clever DeFi? Bryan Legend: I am a serial entrepreneur with a plethora of experience in the digital realm of blockchain … Read more

How To Mint Your First NFT (Non-Fungible Token) For Free

Intro In this article I’d like to continue the theme of NFTs which is currently being more and more hyped. Even mass media are now talking about NFT, famous artists like Lindsay Lohan are picking up the trend, Banksy work is being tokenized. It’s quite easy to buy NFT, but how to create them? It … Read more