Decentraland Releases In-World Voice Chat

When roaming the streets of Decentraland, up until now it has only been possible to interact with other users by text. In order for Decentraland to take interaction to the next level and start building a long term sustainable community, voice chat was definitely needed. Following the most recent update late last week, users can … Read more

New Decentraland Map – See The World From a Birds-Eye View

Now anyone can view Decentraland in its entirety using the new interactive map built by Manual Araoz @maraoz . v0.0.1 gives a fabulous view of the world from above and really highlights the growth of content created by landowners. Try it out for yourself here >>   It is clear that there is still … Read more

Rarible Offers FREE RARI Token For Landowners and Decentraland Visitors

This Wednesday, will be the latest NFT marketplace to open a flashy new art gallery in Decentraland, only this one comes with an added bonus. All landowners, and non-landowners alike, can claim some free $RARI token from the latest airdrop. Simply sign the guest book when the gallery opens tomorrow night or anytime during … Read more