MVP of ENS on L2 with Optimism: Demo Video + How to Try It Yourself

Nick Johnson Apr 7 · 4 min read At the ENS workshop earlier this week, I demoed the first MVP of ENS’s L2 support, showing how an ENS name can be resolved on Optimism. This end-to-end demo is the first instance not just of resolving an ENS name using a layer 2 solution but also … Read more

Recap of ENS Online Workshop April 2021

makoto_inoue Apr 7 · 2 min read We had another successful online workshop with representation from various backgrounds, from DNS experts to artists. You can watch all the sessions on our Youtube playlist, but here is a quick recap. Session 1: DNS Integration Brantly gave an update on DNS namespace integration, both at the TLD … Read more

You Can Now Manage ENS Names with Gnosis Safe

makoto_inoue Apr 3 · 2 min read With Gnosis Safe, forming a DAO with your friends to manage high-value asset is becoming quick and easy. When PleaserDAO purchased the infamous “x*y=k” NFT art by @pplpleasr1, they also purchased pleaserdao.eth. ENS is one of the few NFT collections they currently possess something from. Pointing an ENS … Read more

NFTs of ENS TLDs to be Auctioned Alongside DNS Versions by UNR

Brantly Millegan Mar 31 · 3 min read The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has minted ERC-721 NFTs representing 25 DNS top level domains owned by DNS company Uni Registry & Naming (UNR). In an industry first, UNR is auctioning off 23 of these TLDs in which the auction winners will receive both the DNS TLD … Read more

How DNS TLD Owners Can Get Involved in ENS

Brantly Millegan Mar 26 · 5 min read The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has grown immensely in the last year and a half. Services with ENS integrated have grown from around 30 to 187 (as of this writing), including 45 wallets, around 130 dapps, Cloudflare is running a gateway service, and even major browsers like … Read more

Call for Participation in ENS Grant DAO Discussion at the Upcoming ENS Workshop

makoto_inoue Mar 25 · 2 min read As briefly mentioned in our financial report, we have been internally discussing how we can allocate some of the registration fees to pay it forward, with grants supporting the ENS ecosystem and beyond. As our ENS workshop is approaching, we would like to invite more grant-giving DAO experts … Read more

Which ENS Names Own the Hottest NFTs ?

makoto_inoue Mar 23 · 3 min read In my previous post, I talked about how adding reverse records add a sense of ownership and participation to your site. I also introduced a new smart contract that makes reverse lookup easy. To eat my own dog food, I wrote a small script to go through the … Read more

ENS Online Workshop 2021–1: Call for Participation

makoto_inoue Mar 15 · 3 min read It’s been over six months since our last workshop. Given 2021 Devcon is postponed, and online events are easier to organize, we would like to try out hosting ENS workshops more often. Our next half-day ENS workshop will be held on Monday April 5th. The start time is … Read more

ENS Finance Report (February 2021)

Brantly Millegan Feb 24 · 6 min read The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a public good that belongs to the community. As such, we’d like to offer more transparency on where our funding comes from and where it’s going. This is the first of what we plan to be many regular financial updates. Organizational … Read more

Reminder that ENS Names Are NFTs: What This Means for Your Names

NFTs are all the rage right now: Mark Cuban is selling them, NBA Top Shot went viral, and OpenSea’s volume has exploded. With NFTs, people usually think of art, collectibles, and game items. But there’s another category people often miss: ENS names. All .ETH names on ENS are ERC721-compliant NFTs. So are DNS .KRED names on ENS and … Read more