SuperRare Raises $9M to Build the Future of Art Collecting

Announcing our Series A funding led by Velvet Sea Ventures and 1confirmation SuperRare Team Just now·3 min read We started building SuperRare in late 2017– three friends working out of a coffee shop in Brooklyn with the dream of building a new art market designed for the digital age. The idea was simple but powerful: … Read more

SuperRare Weekly Update: March 26th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community SuperRare Team Mar 26 · 3 min read 🚀 Artnet On The Lost Robbies Take some time this weekend to read about the Lost Robbies on Thank you so much to Elliot Safra for the write up! Check it out here: In 2018, Christie’s Gave Away … Read more

The Block Times — Re-drop on $MEME!

The Block Times — Re-drop on $MEME! The Block Times is back with another historic drop that tokenizes some of $MEME’s most significant moments this year to date. Think of it as proof of attendance for being a $MEME OG, but now you don’t have to say you were there for it — you can prove it. This is your chance to … Read more

SuperRare Weekly Update: March 19th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community SuperRare Team Mar 19 · 2 min read 🌟 SuperRare Collector AMA Nº4 ft. MattiaC This week on Reddit, SuperRare collector MattiaC answered all your questions about collecting digital art and his own experiences! Collector AMA’s are live for 24 hours, don’t miss the next one on … Read more

5 New NFT Projects On The Rise

@ks.shilovKirill Blockchain enthusiast developer and writer. My telegram: ksshilov Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) became the hottest market, taking off in February. During that time, the NFT hype even displaced the previous focus on decentralized finance and offered its own bounty of outsized returns. NFTs have been around for years, but like everything in crypto, the boom … Read more

I Bought This Image For $1,500 (and I sold it for +50% in two weeks) Using NFTs

@jonromeroJon V My money is managed by a Machine and I spend most of my time looking how to help Entrepreneurs If a year ago someone told me that they bought an image, a simple file that is trivial to download for $1,500, I would think that they are idiots. But as it happens with all … Read more

No, CryptoArtists Aren’t Harming the Planet

Clarifying a big misunderstanding about the ecological impact of NFTs–and what we’re doing to make SuperRare more sustainable SuperRare Team Mar 2 · 5 min read Recently there has been a public debate about the environmental impact of CryptoArt, with some pretty serious allegations being tossed around–mainly that minting and selling NFTs increases the carbon … Read more

SuperRare Weekly Update: February 26th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community SuperRare Team Feb 26 · 2 min read 🌟 SuperRare Spotlight This week on the SR Spotlight, Sam J welcomed Yosnier on the show to chat about his background and artworks! Check out the episode here! 👄 Art Bites ft. Marjan Moghaddam On this weeks episode of … Read more

SuperRare Weekly Update: February 19th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community SuperRare Team Feb 19 · 2 min read 🔥 From the Editorial Editorial is open for submissions: [email protected] “Weekly Top 10 Picks” can be contributed by anyone in the SR community. This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare Editorial: Valentine’s Day Drop on SuperRare … Read more

An Interview with a Crypto Artist

@jaydenchenJaydenChan |Supporter of CTXC|CRC-4 for life, #NFTs for wives| Writer at BlockINSIGHT|Market analyst “Brothers on a Trip” by Koosha Block INSIGHT is fortunate to invite crypto artist Koosha Azim to participate in our exclusive interview. Learn the experience behind his artworks in the following interview. Host: Block INSIGHT Guest: Koosha Azim from San Francisco Bay Area … Read more