The Present Hunter’s Manual

Flowerpatch Apr 18, 2020·3 min read A unique feature of the Ethereum-based Flowerpatch Game is the ability to obtain 100% free (we pay the gas) FLOWERs and other NFTs by playing our present hunting mini-game: Flowerpatch Present Drop The rules are very simple: plant one of your FLOWERs beside the present to open it. First, … Read more

Flowerpatch visual guide: BoxSwap

Flowerpatch Feb 22, 2019·3 min read What is BoxSwap BoxSwap changes the game for owners of Non fungible tokens(NFT’s) like flowers, by providing a platform to securely use and trade NFT’s. Their smart user interface uses 0x to build custom swap contracts for any trade. Partnering with BoxSwap is the first step in our goal … Read more