How to Invest in Virtual Land in Decentraland. A Beginner to Pro Guide.

Investing in Virtual Land has REALLY picked up in the last few years. Another strong use case unlocked by the NFT industry where ‘Non Fungible Tokens’ can be traded on the blockchain that reference ownership of a specific plot of land. In 2018, I saved my crypto portfolio from a 2-3 year bear market by … Read more

The NFT Investor/Collector Mindset – NFT Tutorials EPI 6

Posted On October 19, 2020 What do NFT Investors or Collectors look for? A question I get a lot from Artists and upcoming Projects. I’m not going to try explain what every collector looks for, (because they’re all different). But will try explain the general collector mindset. [embedded content] Collectors & Investors are different but … Read more

The History of NFTs – 3 Year Recap – NFT Tutorials EPI 5

Posted On October 19, 2020 A historical guide to the NFT world. Where it all began and how it got to this madness. Let’s rewind it back. [embedded content] The concept of blockchain gaming or a tokens on blockchain has had some merit before the ERC721 standard on Ethereum was created. Which is what most … Read more