Chainmonsters Bringing Proper Battle Mode with Alpha 3

The battle mode of Chainmonsters has been pretty bare bones during the alpha test, but the upcoming alpha 3 update needs to change that. On Monday May 17th they will update Chainmonsters and introduce proper monster stats, stat algorithms, speed dependency and the first preparations for the game’s elemental system. Ultimately Chainmonsters will get a … Read more

Gamers Can Still Claim Their 2018 Chainmonsters

Gamers who’ve been playing early version of Chainmonsters three years ago on the Ethereum blockchain, can now claim the same Gen-0 chainmons on the Flow blockchain. B-side Games announced this on their Twitter account. However, they warn that the process isn’t that easy, as the rules are ‘specific’. If you played the Chainmonsters demo back … Read more

Chainmonsters Will First Launch on Flow Testnet

Before Bside Games will bring their Chainmonsters closed alpha test to the Flow blockchain, it will first run for one or two weeks on the Flow testnet. They have approximately 4,500 player registrations for their closed alpha test, and want to make sure everything runs smoothly. Progress on the testnet will not carry over to … Read more

New Design for Monster Catching MMO Chainmonsters

Bside Games has revealed a new graphical design for their upcoming monster-catching MMO game Chainmonsters. The game now has a new art style and camera perspective, creating a new look and feel. Chainmonsters will launch in closed alpha mid-April and uses the Flow blockchain to give gamers ownership over in-game assets. “Mixing pixel-perfect 2D pixel … Read more