Terranova Picks: NFT Alley, Addressing NFT Pain Points

The NFT system has gained prominence for unleashing the potential of unique crypto tokens. In just one non-fungible asset, an NFT can combine the energy of a developer, content creator, and designer in a unique way. For this reason, the demand for non-fungible tokens keeps growing. However, the NFT arena still has some issues that … Read more

PlayDapp Polygon marketplace

PlayDapp Team May 13 · 1 min read PlayDapp launches Polygon version of its PlayDapp NFT marketplace Product Announcement The Polygon (formerly MATIC) version of PlayDapp’s marketplace service ‘playdapp.com’ will be launched, servicing Polygon network NFT, such as PlayDapp Town Playz. On April 21, PlayDapp (CEO Brian Choi) signed a partnership with Polygon, the world’s … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Lottery: A Reference Guide

The MNA Land Sale portal will open today, Saturday May 8th! The following document will serve as a reference guide for participation in the event. This guide makes the following assumptions: You are familiar with the My Neighbor Alice game and the ALICE token You are familiar with Chromia and the CHR token You have a Metamask … Read more

A Democratized NFT Future Needs Technical, Legal, and Practical Limits

Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of the world’s most renowned and timeless artists. Recently, someone minted one of his artworks as an NFT. The intention was to offer the NFT at an auction, with the winning bidder allowed to destroy the original.  But just last week, the NFT was withdrawn from sale on, OpenSea. This happened … Read more

NFTs Are the Building Blocks of Our Digital Future

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have finally moved out from the niche blockchain space. From Paris Hilton to Jack Dorsey, NFTs have garnered viral attention across the world.  NFT’s have set new art market and crypto price records. In addition, they are generally confusing everyone who isn’t a crypto insider. Throughout this year, multiple media outlets have … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Rescheduled to Facilitate Audits and Testing

Hello, Neighbors! We know everyone is excited about the upcoming Land Sale! In late March, the My Neighbor Alice land sale was announced on our official blog, as well as on Chromia’s official blog. These articles cited a beginning staking date of Tuesday, April 27, and a land sale date of Wednesday, May 12. To facilitate the … Read more

A Brief Introduction to NFTs for Beginners

@mashacryptoprlabMasha Prusso Entrepreneur. Attorney. Athlete. I write about innovations in blockchain and crypto space. Passionate about DeFi. It seems many people still do not understand what an NFT is. Some people think it’s artwork, other people think it’s an extreme environmental hazard. I’ve seen many over-simplified explanations and many overly complicated ones. So I thought … Read more

5 Must-Read NFT Articles for Blockchain Enthusiasts

@theroundupThe Roundup Bringing together the best tech stories from around the web. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it is like a digital certificate of authenticity. While 2020 remained a slow year for many markets, it was one of the best years for NFTs. There was a rise from $44 Million to $338 Million over … Read more

Top 5 NFT Gaming Platforms to Follow in 2021

@rowenlanRowen Lan. Hotel Manager turned Crypto Journalist and TA Trader. NFT gaming platforms have taken the gaming market by storm. Their growth, success, and acceptance by players has attracted the attention of many people, with more gaming platforms being launched every month. There are many NFT gaming platforms that are known the world over, with … Read more

A Look into AnRKey X: DeFi Gaming in the NFT World

The word of the past couple of weeks is NFT; non-fungible-token. We saw this trend developing from something untouched to something that’s bridging the gap between mainstream industries and our beloved decentralized world. NFTs not only create wealth, they represent scarcity through collectibles like we’ve never seen before. Physical baseball cards will never be the … Read more