Mirandus Exemplars: The Fourth Revealing

The first three releases into the exemplars and the first tiers have sold out very quickly! Today, we are happy to release the fourth batch of exemplars to the node network, after which they will be put on sale in the store. As a reminder, USD prices for anything in the crypto-sphere are approximate, so when … Read more

Exciting News from the R-Planet Laboratory

R-PLANET Just now·2 min read Since their arrival on the R-Planet, the animals knew that colonization would be a massive undertaking, and would require a multitude of elements and minerals not yet discovered. First, the animals had to make sure there were enough rigs to increase the Aether production to levels that would be sufficient … Read more

Using Binance to Convert ALICE or CHR from ERC-20 to BEP-20 and Vice Versa

Hello! This beginner’s guide will help you understand the difference between ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain and BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain and teach you how to switch between ERC-20 and BEP-20 by using Binance exchange. This guide assumes you have the following: The Metamask wallet extension, set up for both Ethereum and Binance … Read more

Property Development arrives in Upland

Upland, the property ownership and development game, has announced the first phase of their Property Development. They named it Bellini I. Players will be able to utilize a new currency, called Spark, to construct a variety of structures on their properties. This initial release includes on a subset of models for construction. Eventually players can … Read more

Blankos Gets $75 Million Additional Funding

Mythical Games, the studio behind the upcoming blockchain-powered game Blankos Block Party, has received another $75 million in funding. This brings the total of their funding to $120 million. If that entire budget would be put in the development of one game, we’d be talking about AAA budgets. However, the funding isn’t for Blankos Block … Read more

Chromia will be adding Chronicle to its list of partners

Today, we are happy to report that Chromia will be adding Chronicle to its list of partners. Chronicle is an upcoming NFT platform and marketplace that will feature collectibles licensed directly by some of the world’s biggest brands. Unlike existing NFT platforms that focus primarily on existing cryptocurrency users, Chronicle is created for fans and … Read more

10 Play-to-Earn Games To Follow in June 2021

What are the play-to-earn games to focus on this June? Two years ago there were a handful of development groups actively creating blockchain-powered games, but now there are all kinds of play-to-earn games to follow. To help you filter through the noise, we’ll help you focus a bit. From this point forward we will publish … Read more

Nestables Marketplace Now Open for Business

In their May development update, Nestables has announced that their new marketplace is now live for all of your Nestable shopping needs. They created the marketplace using the Enjin’s APIs. For now purchases can only be made using the Enjin native ENJ token. The first iteration of their marketplace provides several refinement and sorting options … Read more

Chromia Included in Latest UniFarm Cohort!

We are pleased to report that UniFarm’s 11th farming cohort will include the Chroma token (CHR). We are joined in this cohort by UniFarm (UFARM), OpenDefi (ORO), Polkally (KALLY), Idavoll Network (IDV) and Ispolink (ISP). Each project will provide $25,000 USD worth of reward tokens, making the the total reward pool $150,000 USD The farm … Read more