Mirandus Exemplars: The Third Revealing

The first two releases into the exemplars and the first tiers have sold out very quickly! Today, we are happy to release the third batch of exemplars to the node network, after which they will be put on sale in the store. As a reminder, USD prices for anything in the crypto-sphere are approximate, so when … Read more

Step by Step How to Participate in the Land Sale Lottery

Go to https://market.myneighboralice.com/lottery 2. Connect your wallet (only MetaMask is supported) 3. Select Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as network on MetaMask. To connect BSC to MetaMask please follow these instructions: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain 4. Deposit 20 Alice tokens. Please note that Only Binance Smart Chain is supported, meaning that the transaction fees are in BNB. a) Click the … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) carefully before purchasing sections of land (hereinafter “Plots”) in the game world of My Neighbour Alice, a decentralized, community-driven platform (“MNA”) created and operated by Alice Foundation LTD, Singapore (“Alice”, “we” or “us”). Your (“you” or “Buyer”) purchase of Plots is conditioned on your acceptance of and … Read more

Mirandus Exemplars: The Second Revealing

We are incredibly pleased to see such a positive response from the Gala Games community surrounding the release and initial sale of these Exemplar avatars. We look forward to seeing a diverse fantasy world filled with many unique people, skills and focuses. Let us now continue down the road of revealing by introducing you to … Read more

Referral Rewards for Town Star

TLDR: The “Give 100 Get 100” program is getting the axe, but everyone who joined the platform will receive 100 GALA, and everyone who referred them will receive 100 GALA in a one-time reward distribution. A lot of you found a little something-something in your treasure chest today, and we would like to tell you … Read more

May Mayhem: Week Four!

Welcome to the fourth week of Town Star’s May Mayhem! Its best to finish any great endeavor with something sweet, and as we all know, pie is awesome. Start Time: May 25th at 9AM PT/ 12PM ET/ 4PM UTCEnd Time: May 30th at 9PM PT/ May 31st at 12AM ET/ 4AM UTC RULES: One Human = One … Read more

Introducing: The Mirandus Exemplars

One of the key components to creating an immersive fantasy world like that of Mirandus is avatars. Through its avatars, the world of Mirandus will encapsulate and absorb its players into a beautiful and enticing experience. By bringing life to avatars in unique new ways, Mirandus will create a richer and more vibrant world for … Read more

May Mayhem: Week One Winners!

Below is the list of all Week One Winning Towns! 1.) Haven — 17,727,200 — $10,000.00 2.) Enoch — 15,082,430 — $5,000.00 3.) Lambert — 13,719,720 — $5,000.00 4.) Yami | BTB — 13,471,640 — $5,000.00 5.) TownStarGuide.com — 13,243,960 — $5,000.00 6.) Ferenginar — 12,771,820 — $5,000.00 7.) Grizzly | BTB — 12,491,350 — $5,000.00 8.) cakemoink — 12,137,320 — $5,000.00 9.) RLUNDY — 12,067,080 — $5,000.00 10.) Magic | BTB — 11,019,840 — $5,000.00 11.) Hello World — 10,361,130 — $1,500.00 12.) Giggles — 9,501,550 — $1,500.00 13.) IsThisTheWay — 7,952,590 — $1,500.00 14.) Revenants — 7,650,610 — $1,500.00 15.) Santa Cruz BTB — 7,576,340 — $1,500.00 16.) Atlantis — 7,421,890 — $1,500.00 17.) Allmight — 7,381,850 — $1,500.00 18.) Farmkids — 7,016,370 — $1,500.00 19.) … Read more

May Mayhem: Week Three!

Welcome to the third week of Town Star’s May Mayhem and the desert is now a whole lot more sandy! Start Time: May 18th at 9AM PT/ 12PM ET/ 4PM UTCEnd Time: May 23rd at 9PM PT/ May 24th at 12AM ET/ 4AM UTC RULES: One Human = One Town. If you have multiple Gala Games accounts, … Read more

Buying Nodes Using BTC, XRP and others: A Short Story about The Ether

TLDR: You can now buy Gala Games Founders Nodes with other cryptocurrencies to avoid the HORRID ETH Fees. To start the purchasing process, use THIS FORM. …and now for a story… The Gala Valley was a beautiful and prosperous place. For generations, the grounds there provided the plumpest fruits, the most exquisite flowers and the finest crops. … Read more