NFTs Continue to Soar as Bansky Painting is Incinerated & Sold for Over $382k

“Morons”, a painting by notorious street artist and political activist Bansky, was tokenized before being burnt by crypto enthusiasts with the NFT selling for over $382,000 USD in the OpenSea marketplace. The action was taken by a group of crypto investors known as “Burnt Banksy” who acquired the painting back in February for about $100k, … Read more

Banksy Art Piece Set Ablaze and Replaced with NFT

Art enthusiasts have tokenized a pricey Banksy artwork. They burnt the original art piece in a livestream and are replacing it with a non-fungible token (NFT) version set to be available on OpenSea. The NFT craze is rife among digital asset enthusiasts. Their quest to prove that these blockchain-based digital assets possess real economic value is … Read more